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12-30 Larry Hunter Show Hour 2

Dec 30, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- and he's always -- Larry hunter. News radio 930 WBE. And welcome back we got some sunshine. In Amherst about a half hour ago and now we got some snow falling in Amber's so. It depends where you are in Western New York is this morning. Along all Orleans county and Monroe County along the Lake Ontario shoreline it seems to have some snow and mainly to the south and east. Of buffalo we see has some snowfall at this time so it's going to be kind of one of those cold snowy periods over the next three or four days new Jiri eve is going to be nifty to say the least so. If you're going out to especially for the ball -- make sure you bundle up yet you know what would probably be a good thing to have is those hand warmer is. You put inside your gloves you can find -- -- hardware stores ski shops have home. They're what a blocker or two. Keep your feet -- hands warm to be good thing to maybe have if you're going out on New Year's Eve. Just to keep yourself. Little warmer I used to use them at the bills games a lot sometimes when it was a really really. Cold. And down Chris and that call is not showing up on my phone in here so. And and I still going to be able to to take it right let's let's see if we can do that Robert are you -- me. Okay. My my phone shows that you're not there but you are and I'm glad you are thank you for. I think it out. I believe that you should actually start somebody has been irresponsible for recruiters are all at -- seven -- during the army. But age nineteen I was -- -- or junior CO I was leading our -- But it are embarrassed or Arabs sergeant. Leading the June. Arm. And -- -- so we were all I mean beaten at the recorders or not rhetoric urban security and military. Day. -- -- -- protect the nation are we give your life. Actually take Lawrence. Our our -- before or you want. -- probably most of the laws to their casinos are laws against -- It is plug and work its. Ruled against being in places where alcohol Serb. Because -- you can you couldn't care already seen in your take you to buy lottery tickets. He can go off track betting. At age eighteen. Because. You're not drinking. But all all the walking is about being able to drink. Which -- -- -- now what were able to correct. That was before a lot changed. And art it's it's at the -- put soon I mean at eighteen you can get married and their children you can vote to. Actor Eric you're keeping your military and their current country you care during. Arabs are you assume people are irresponsible by the Clark. Considered loading them. Prepare yours are all. In your weight become responsible -- if you give somebody responsibilities. -- Robert what happens. If you prove that you are irresponsible. And now you're thousands of dollars in debt don't we as a society have some responsibility. There. And and let's remember -- -- talking about a time. When I I think younger people were more mature and more responsible. Than they are today. Quote dirt they were more responsible because you'd be ordered -- -- -- I should day we don't require a degree responsible. -- and if everything is being home. A locker pretty going to affect where hero. And a little bit. Lecture or your network you're not going to be able totally responsible for yourself in many cases. Armed year. Your parents are responsible for YouTube to your 21. Gator health -- 26 now are seeing how. We'll just work. More responsible. When I grew up. It's just that they will -- -- what we were your responsibility. You're correct your papers are hurting you don't become responsible. Good point I like that but. Paul you're giving that and the and the process in the transition. Which is done in the military is certainly a lot different in public life. And like -- the only reason I'd be responsible or more responsible in the military is because what's your response though it's. -- -- I needed it. Our Oreo -- of our retribution. Do you do are supposed to do I mean that's that's the whole thing that's missing. In the civilian -- -- You're held accountable a lot of terms for what you do if you were held accountable. You -- -- terrible go to school. You would go to school. If you were held accountable to. Keep the job. Air because you need it to pay your bills earning you have to give people. Responsibilities. Program to either. -- Take it step up or fail and if you are or if you are allowed to fail. You're never -- a tactic -- step up. Well there's a difference between fail lean and dealing with -- with your finances. I think we all within our lives fail at things and fortunately I I am thrilled that I learned from most of my failures. Unfortunately it appears that some football players don't but that's a whole other story Mario. Myself Aureus. But. The point here right I think is. I don't I don't think the drinking age has anything. To do -- This matter whatsoever. -- That the drinking age is 21. And I I think a lot of teenagers that have proven that they are not responsible when it comes to drinking and they don't know how to handle their alcohol. And they have taken a number of lives on the highway proving that. But whether a drinking ages one thing and of voting age is another driving age is another I think all of that is is irrelevant. I mean I I just do. Ages are are determined for for certain things in certain places. And you can drive a car in some states when your fourteen. I think it's way too young in New York State it's it's sixteen. You know for years we had a drinking age of eighteen other states had had 21. A things change and whether he can do one thing at one agent one thing -- another H. Yeah I think is is dependent. Upon the way our society goes same with retirement. Hey I mean you can retire one AG could retire after so many years with one company. And it it all becomes irrelevant. Or it's all subjective. As to where you are. And and the rules and and regulations. I understand serving in the military. And teaching responsibility. Fighting for your country and not being able to drink but I see that as -- irrelevant. And apples and oranges. I just I don't. I don't because of that sole problem I think today is this objective. I mean I'm epic constitutional. -- The current situation to me is not subjective. It's said that -- -- ordered. And what it says it's right or you're now you're cute by government but -- just. Or just being a lie. Then you Arab government telling you well. Except for you because you're not you're not twenty or more except for you because. Of what memories -- And Judy the constitution doesn't that say that constitution with journalists are sworn to uphold the military member. Says these are your are right. Not giving you fight -- that there are giving you our government propping government take them away. Well a triple play in -- I think. Yeah there's reasons people make these rules. But that's. That's group grouping all class of people eighteen or war and saying look you're gonna mess up sort of work and our. Chapters wolf for every birdie and I just -- America. Be like in any any rules or regulations or large. Okay Robert. Thank you 803930s. Our numbers are 930 a -- call on your cell. Maybe we should just eliminate age requirements for anything. The constitution also gives states rights. And states have the rights to rule within regulations and and laws as well so. Don't forget about that when it comes to the constitution. As well. There are states rights. And they're given by the constitution 8030930. Is our number. Do you like the idea of the casino opening up. Part of their facility for eighteen year olds to gamble now win with a slot machines. They're permitted from having alcohol in the area. Yeah there are other areas where eighteen year olds can -- gamble of course. I think for. Almost ever. You've been able to go to war racetrack. And at -- when your eighteen years -- I I don't ever recall. That being different. I used to go to Saratoga. Years ago. And day you can bet at eighteen. When you go to racetracks we can bet on the horses. You combine a lottery tickets. Sold. Obviously eighteen year olds have a right to so called gamble. Just wondering do you think it's right for the scene Seneca nation. To open up a specific section. For 1819. And twenty Urals that the gamble we'll take a break we'll come back with that. Whole. AccuWeather forecast. Well the snow is not going away National Weather Service as we have a lake effect snow advisory will start at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning while you're listening to John and -- Tivo here at WVU and otherwise AccuWeather says some snow showers today temperatures falling through the team's. Cloudy tonight still a chance of some snow overnight with about an inch accumulation by dawn -- thirteen. For New Year's Eve some lake effect snow showers and squalls accumulating one to three inches but higher amounts in more persistent snow bands. And a high of about 24. New Year's Day cloudy high twenty and it's going to get colder. After that nineteen degrees in buffalo from news radio 930 WBE and Larry hunter in force sandy beach today. The Seneca Niagara casino is now created an environment for 1819. And twenty girls to gamble. It is today you know cordoned off section. In which no alcohol can be served. And I'm wondering about their your thoughts on the matter you can share those by calling -- just like Steve did on a cell -- -- -- 930 hi Steve. Hey Larry -- good morning yeah. Good morning you know I want the first -- thank you -- caller British service. I also wanted to love and support him in his view boy I find that that evolve our freedom. Responsibility. We've brought out eighteen here about golf I brought my children up beltway. And I think that never want to be locked in this country where people are not responsible. For their actions at eighteen where they are always adults. As far as I -- Do you blame that on society as a whole is it part of our education system is is that if the weight parent team has gone today oh where have we. Gotten or how have we gotten to that at this point. Where it appears that there is a tremendous amount of immaturity. And responsibility. Being taught today. I believe -- -- lacked the leadership. Within our elected leaders in our society at all. It's and I didn't quite -- turn but it is. And any date that he had developed where. People are not held responsible for their actions you have freedom which is a wonderful thing that our country's been founded upon. And we -- freedom comes responsibility. And it it's not an easy thing. But to as he set -- your -- collar to punish a group out. Young people. Who are eighteen years of age to 21. And not let them have the responsibilities. That they are entitled to know. For that you who abuse -- that's. And maybe abuse alcohol it and drop eight it -- it back in the freedom of aren't hired the idea and it could be. He's not begin with governor Pataki. Went being held opting out of foul ball and it will point now what -- looking at about a lot do you even -- A child in the car we do when you're driving because of the threat. Where does that add a kind of knowledge that they are mind that it's a matter your property being I believe and you are fully responsible. And that's where it should be caught -- -- being should be why you are adults and our society -- -- privileges. Well well all responsibility. See I don't see it as a punishment when there is a restriction. On something four -- age as a youngster I just don't I don't see it as a restriction. That you can't drive. At fifteen but you can at sixteen I would consider it a restriction. If you could never -- Or if you could never gamble or if you could never drink but the fact that there is an age restriction. It doesn't mean that there's a restriction it means you have to wait to a certain point so I I would argue that somewhat with -- feet. I understand but I I think whereas the people of their last -- bad. We're asking them what they're lying about lying to defend our country and yet we don't give them the freedom to chose a bad thing they have -- -- they have the right. And the freedom to chose to enjoy. Adult beverages as they'd like do they are only golf. And they are having that privilege which is the freedom and our society. Are there every every brick and remove. Because about hope that it will should build in that I think took a lot of other people who abused as well -- all of and 21. Side they had said that very slippery slope and one bad pandora's box the -- opened an -- ID. I think that they've got the point now people are not being held responsible. Ordered a vision of the ball. I think that that it did that encourage you that -- -- a lot of art the art baggage. I think what we have need to do here is defined the word adults and not base -- on H. Well I don't know what -- begin with I mean -- -- a company well you're you're saying that the I think that the BCD at the speed that Washington. Where you're -- equally confident. By some product you are an adult at eighteen. And I think you have to be -- -- on the ball. Warrior at the Greg you're able to bury you can buy up all. You can pick out a mortgage. You're darn well ought to be able to enjoy -- and responsibilities. Included with an adult beverage. And that people had the ability to me as an upfront for the freedom of our country. All right Steve thank you very much appreciate your time today WB -- drive carefully let's say good morning to Caroline west Seneca hi Carol. And mining. -- probably about the fact that beat -- -- are basically the last people who are taking advantage on our younger. -- -- -- -- -- On eighteen -- all through and terror and gamble at all they're great you know -- -- -- machine. He cut alcohol at that given the way it should they charge -- -- Two pilots turning out also. A lot of -- senior open to gamble. In the pocket being out because they do not -- -- error at that these -- But what are kind of behind at the everyone -- -- the last to actually allow -- senior opens their ability to get ball. For -- are they have no problem taking a -- your money. And as well I agree that are -- there are not responsible and -- at eighteen. I don't think you know my -- well on the children I see now. I wanted to point out the fact that New York State has no problem taking their money itself. I got -- ilk are losing a -- that high in it they wanna go after it. I just wondered if it was because of the on a constitutional amendment that was voted on last November. In New York State that. Voters approved a seven. Additional casinos to be built in New York State in the coming years. And they felt that in order to compete. Or in an effort to grab the gamblers before they went someplace else that this was something that they needed to do. You're probably -- right you may have a good thing because you. -- but you know and taking out. They haven't allowed to go into -- -- between now. Blow their complaint to get that -- I -- Under missing out on that everybody else was able to about what state laws. Thank you Carol appreciate talking here this morning on WBE and it's a sandy beach show would Larry hunter 803 on 930 is our number if you'd like -- give us a call it's 1030. So. On the chain battle though we. Met where I am. Both to attack justly. So we took turns -- The window that guard. The border moreover. And he began and he says it's time. Out of Breeden people's brains. No end what the cards and by the way that you do that. I can see you're out of days. Or kiddies. Whereas. I did use. That's why it's. It's very. Ask me. These last expression. And the Campbell. The secret to. -- -- -- Keep. -- -- -- -- -- It felt weird and darkness. Again learn -- oh. It is fine. Today's. -- You -- it. When you sit and there'll be time. So Kenny Rogers and the gambler 22 minutes away from 11 o'clock at WB and sandy beach Monday show Larry hunter sitting in today we're going to noon. Rush Limbaugh at noon and Tom -- this afternoon at 3 o'clock. On WBE and were talking about it gambling. As the Seneca Niagara casino has now opened a section -- them mad as an easy easy them is that. And it is for. 1819. And twenty year old. Who where they can gamble in an area where alcohol. Is not being served. The area has been walled off so that those entering and leaving the area will be required to show identification. Waive the no all alcohol being served as you have to be 21. In New York State in order to consume alcohol legally. I just thought I would throw that in there. Some of you may recall. It was back in the early eighties. In which there was a national minimum drinking age act that was passed in the Washington DC. And it basically said to states. That had aids legal drinking age under 21 that if you did not raise the drinking age to 21. That they would reduce. The federal funding. Money for you or highways. So by the mid eighties most states in the US had raised. The minimum drinking age to 21. In part. Due to the national -- drinking age act in Washington which they coincided with funding for highways. New York State for years. Had a legal drinking age of eighteen. It was raised in nineteen. For a year and then it was increased to -- 21 back in 1985. I think December. Of 1985. So it was in pristine Howell was done because think about this if you were eighteen. In 1983. You could legally have an alcoholic drink. If you were nineteen. In 1984. A year later you could legally have a drink. But if you became twenties in 1985. You could not. Whole legally have a drink. Because the drinking age increased to 21. Take a drink at eighteen you -- Drake at nineteen you could not drink at 21 and then you can excuse me not drink at 28. -- you could drink when you got to be. 21 again so was on -- often and I'm now part of the reasoning to that New York State raised the legal drinking age to 21. Was because of the conflict. And the problems that were being created along the borders of New Jersey and Pennsylvania and Connecticut and Vermont. Where the drinking -- was all ready 21. So a number of teenagers. Were coming from those states on weekends especially on weekends coming over to New York State. Consuming alcohol. And then taking. That problem back to of their state. And there was some pressure from adjacent states as well as the federal government to raise the drinking age. And unified about a national level and then New York State did sell. In 1985. Raising the -- the minimum drinking age to 21 however. The legal gambling age in New York State. Is eighteen. And some of you have stated this morning yet -- you find that to be a conflict. And so my question is well how -- we resolve it. And that is do we raise. The legal gaming age. For casinos to 21. Just like Connecticut Pennsylvania. Nevada. And most states -- Now does that mean if we were to do that we would lose revenue. As a state. I don't think so. I don't think we wouldn't and here's why. If you. Don't spend the money. At a casino. Then. You would spend at someplace else. So. We wouldn't lose the economic. Benefit. Of that spending in anyway whatsoever. So. What do you think about Racine. The legal casino gaming age to 21. In New York State to coincide with the legal minimum drinking age. In New York State and I ask that because. I was. Nevada. Yet to be 21 to gamble. And they seem to be doing just fine. They don't seem to be having any problems whatsoever. At all. They're doing very well. Do you think it would be appropriate for New York State you. Think we should raise the minimum game mean age to 21 as opposed to eighteen. Who would. Who would complain about it. 1819. And twenty girls. Now down -- so you have to wait a little longer to gamble. Is that is that a big deal. I don't think so. Would the casinos. Lose a little money. They might. Now than they might. Would our economy -- now now it wouldn't be hard. Not all the money would be spent someplace else may be on local businesses. Maybe in New York State companies. The money being spent would be taxed which beat good for our economy. So I don't think it would make much of a difference. It's just that. Once -- establish. And age limitation and age requirement. It's really difficult to change that mentality and those of you who remember the mid eighties when the drinking age was raised to 21. You were remember. -- whining. And complaining by eight teenagers. And the slogan you know old enough to fight for your country but not old enough to drink. And I remember the response was you don't have to be able to drink. In order to fight for your country. Him. Yes I remember back that far absolutely. Gambling. In New York State now we have passed the constitutional amendment if you recall back in November. Fifty -- excuse me 57% of the voters. Voted to add to. Seven additional casinos in New York State over the next few years initially four of them are going to be added. And my thought is will this make a difference. To you do you feel via the addition. Of casinos. In New York State is really going to help our economy. We currently have five. Indian run casinos in New York State. If you know what I'll tell you. About them and we'll continue that after we take a break let's let's do that we'll take a break in the we'll come back. And will askew. Here gambling preference. And. Do you feel that the additional casinos. In New York State is going to be beneficial. To our economy 8030930. Star 930 is a free call -- yourself sandy beach jail with Larry hunter. National Weather Service has issued a lake effect snow advisory it starts tomorrow morning at six and continues until three tomorrow afternoon. AccuWeather says some snow showers today -- temperatures fall into the teens cloudy tonight still a chance of an interest no. Inch or so of snow overnight with a low thirteen for New Year's Eve during the day lake effect snow. Showers snow squalls. One to three inches in general accumulation. And of course higher amounts in the more persistent fans. Hi tomorrow -- 24. And then for New Year's Day will get up to about twenty. And then it even gets -- Holder. Is nineteen now in buffalo nineteen degrees from news radio 930. WV yet Larry hotter in today for sandy we're talking about gaming. And New York State is going to build more casinos we got Marvin coming. And one of the problems that I have. With the additional casinos that the voters approved in the last election. Is that they are going to be spread out. In. Different areas. And why does this bother me. It's not because we're getting more casinos that's that's not the problem the problem that I see is. We're not creating. A true. Destination. Area. To bring. Millions of new people to New York State. For gaming. Fun the game mean experience. We have. Three casinos in Western New York. And most people. Go to one. Or the other or the other they don't go back and forth all three because they're too far apart. Then we have the turning stone casino. In Vernon New York which is just east of Syracuse. And then we have the -- -- Mohawk casino. Way up near Messina along the US Canadian border. So we have five casinos in New York State that are spread out. Now we're going to add four more in the next few years. Some of them in the capital district around Albany some of them along the Hudson Valley. And they're talking about one and in the Finger Lakes region so that will be nine casinos. Again spread out throughout the state. People who enjoy going to casinos and if you're one of those people -- and I am wrong please let me know. But the majority of people that I talked to who go to a casino occasionally or have some fun going to a casino. They like the idea. Or prefer the idea. Of more of an Atlantic City Las Vegas type atmosphere. In which you have options. That encourages people to stay. In one area for a longer period of time and I think as a state. We could benefit. By creating more of a tourist game mean region. Then just adding more casinos in different cities throughout the state. Which basically kind of encourages people not to go elsewhere. To gamble. Or to enjoy a casino. But state in their local area -- that in mind. How are we going to benefit from or casinos. -- ID find it hard to believe the mentality of our elected officials in Albany. That because we're going to be adding. For more casinos in the next few years in four different locations. That it's really going to benefit. New York State. If you had -- The one destination area. For gaming in New York State is turning stone. In a Vernon New York it's about thirty miles to the east of Syracuse 3035 miles right off exit 33 of them there. And I've played their slots I played their tables I've I've played in their poker room. How much of I want pat let's not go there -- But turning stone has that hotel. And they bring in some top notch entertainment. They have response. They have golf courses and end their expanding. As I understand they bought some additional property along the Sylvan beach and they're going to expand that area as well. It's an area that you can come to for the weekend. Or three or four days and enjoy -- a variety of different things. Because of the Seneca Niagara casino in Niagara Falls. That is a casino that you can come to and gamble but also have some other activities. That can keep you in the area unfortunately most of them are on the Canadian side. But if we were to take an area say like the Catskills. Which is. An hour hour and a half drive from New York City. Two hours from Philadelphia. An hour from -- to an hour from Albany. If we were to take an area like they can't skills which used to be a resort area. Back in the forties and the fifties in the sixties before Woodstock. The Catskill Mountains. Had numerous resorts. That families went to and stayed at they had all kinds of activities boating hiking fish Sheen. -- whatever their entertainment some of the top entertainers from the forties and fifties and sixties used to go to resorts at the -- skills. So not from -- Today -- you went there and you stayed there and you enjoyed all the different activities. I feel that that would be a stronger draw to bring new money outside. Dollars. To our state. Then just create. Individual casinos. In different cities. What are your thoughts on that 803 on 930 start 930 is a free called do you think creating more casinos in different cities. Is going to be beneficial for our state or do you think. We should create a resort like area. Maybe in the Catskills -- -- of a better location. But an area where people. Could come and do more than just gamble which would be beneficial. For New York State. Because that would create additional. Tax dollars if you could go to an area where you could do some horseback riding during the day and gamble at night. Do some boating or fishing during the day and and gambling night do some hiking. Or play golf during the day and gamble at night go to a show -- see an entertainer. And have more of a relaxed -- short. Atmosphere than just a total casino only atmosphere. I think with. Our state could benefit because we would have people come in from outside New York State. And that is really the only way we're going to benefit. As a state we are not going to improve our economy. And create more jobs. By putting. Different casinos in different cities. And expecting new money to coming into those facilities. If they're going to be local casinos it's basically going to draw local people. Which is not going to create new money for New York State if we're going to grow and prosper as a state. We have to find a way to bring. Additional dollars tourist dollars from outside. The area. Into our state. And I just don't see that happening. With the amendment that was passed by the voters in November. Despite at Maine a casino here and a casino there and another casino. Fifty miles away and then another casino seventy miles away. I don't see why people in Pennsylvania. Will come and bring their money to New York State. To the Finger Lakes region or to Albany or to the Hudson Valley especially. When. Philadelphia. And the pocono area Pennsylvania they have now casinos they have -- that beautiful mount airy. Casino and resort. In the Pocono Mountains. And what they've done there is I think what we should be doing in New York State in the camp skills. Create. A resort area with. 34567. Different casinos. And provide more than just the casino gaming atmosphere. That would bring in tourism from outside the state when we bring money in from outside New York State. We are benefiting our economy. When we just recycle it. At our local casino in New York State we're not really helping our economy and folks New York State needs help. Let's let's be honest I mean we need. Help. And I don't think casinos the way they're proposing that is the answer. Please feel. Free to share your thoughts and comments would be 8030930. Star 930s -- free calling yourself and we'll take your calls when we come back on the sandy beach show with Larry hunter.

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