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12-30-13 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Dec 30, 2013|

Hour 2

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It took five years from now -- just wondering. It is up more awaited news radio 9:30 AM and it is hourly with few. On the radio and -- master control. And whoever's name is is that calls were -- -- samurai I beg your pardon mr. sabres -- master control. Anyway. I guess I think can. -- you know how like in The National Enquirer. The national The National Enquirer the weekly world news. And by the way one of the things that really aggravated me about the weekly world news way back when I don't know if you noticed but. The astronauts found -- crashed World War II bomber on the moon. I know that because I saw that once in the weekly world news. This goes back 25 years and somehow it managed to keep that story as secret the fact that this bomber left our atmosphere apparently and somehow mathematically put itself trajectory to crash on the move. I don't know how that happened back in 1942. But everything right everything a I read -- it. But that interview -- understood -- curious have you ever had the tell somebody something they didn't want to year. I've ever had to tell somebody bad news. Now imagine resolutions. And in the senate to act before. And this is where this is all go. This is the game plan this is a master plan is that -- up and we have a period of time. Where people are trying to make resolutions and I will not do -- New Year's resolution show I would rather flat -- myself for four hours with ice picks into a New Year's resolution should seriously. Wasted time. But folks. Have you ever been put in a situation. Where. You. Have basically come push comes to show up. In your life if I'm getting the pushed him jump time and a number -- a -- but as far as the is as far as your push comes to shove time. Have you ever had a situation. -- you better sit down and say hi I tell my wife she -- -- I tell my husband that he is eight delivered for me anymore he's really got to pick up his sex game. How -- get it through it to my husband. That one plate of spaghetti and one slice of bread is sufficient he doesn't need to be a size fifty portly. You see -- withers. Now there are ways to break the news that somebody may wish to consider a change in and while there are good ways to break the news. Are right. Now they show like this not all that long ago but it was without the New Year's resolution -- -- that they might have been back when I was in the morning show which. -- -- you still doing but. Well of course I mean who wouldn't but in any event. Have you ever been in a situation. Even look a loved one in the -- and say party. You are smoking too much I can't deal with it. You are drinking too much I can't deal with you are smoking too much wheat I can't deal for one thing the twinkie bills out of control. Have you ever had the break the news to somebody that they really needed to make a lifestyle. Change now the last I did that show. We had a guy. And a lady call him. Who when they were well -- the one was doubly sure but the other one this was young girl. -- -- optical well you're a young girl when you call very few young girls call talk radio because there'll listening to Jim it's -- Because Justin Bieber is infinitely more important than anything I might say on any given day. But the point -- -- There are ways to tell somebody something and ways not to tell somebody something and this girl called him. And the little girl with her is still would honor. Because mom -- -- -- Mom said. Your fat that outfit doesn't look good with you. That's not your color. That doesn't look very flattering and I knew that's not very appealing basically this woman her mother went through life like Olivia -- With a black cloud. Hanging over she was -- this. Borderline personality. And she wanted that darkness spread like tragedies wanted to -- light one honest man there are people in this world where they carry a black lab to. They shut everything out. Am. There are people who know. -- Whether breaking news to your -- And there are people who basically all they do is -- -- you without achieving the the result which you and day -- one. For example. Let's say Europe. Am you've got to Kidder's ten years old. How many if you watch Family -- We're used to watch family or know what I'm talking about McFarland Peter Griffin -- a quagmire and it gave me okay. Now does anybody remember the I have beat no character. Is fat wrote these -- give. Not make it cookies down cookies and any rolls out of the room and they say they call -- -- veto. And and it's a joke but it's a joke that is supposed to make up. That at some point it's apparent. And I think that I see this a lot of food courts that some of the -- at some point as a parent. You may have to tell your care. A few less twinkies and a few more. Popular less slim Jim's and a couple more salads. Maybe not so many chicken wings. And how about baked chicken and that. Have you ever had to break the news to somebody that they had the change something in -- lives for their all good. And have you ever received. The the the advice. To make changes in your life like suggested. As I just did about weight loss or working out and of course there're there're there're so many things that people do wrong people. You know everything in moderation. All well almost everything in moderation -- mean jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. You can't do that in moderation. At least not more than once you don't get a chance to do that many in the altitude and you will not. But. We all of us at times. Like there might be people you work now see this is it different dynamic all together. By the way we get the phone number repairs that I'm I'm enjoying hearing my own voice so much that sometimes I forget you're there 8030930. 803093. Start 930 on the cell phone 180616. WB yen. That's 8030930. Start at 93180616. WB and those are the phone numbers and there are ways to be told that you got to do something and ways to not be told. To do something. How have you approached your -- Over the years. -- escalate the conversation and there's over which -- election is actually listening to -- you guys and yet thank you. -- if that's very disconcerting to have. People whatever anyway have you ever had to have that conversation with people bat. Honey. You are 44 today. You're twelve years old and you're 220 pounds. We got to do -- Because that is an issue. That has got to be addressed. Because it won't get any easier as they get older. You know there are few things that people. There aren't there are some things that people just simply never outgrow. The pavement and the shock. Experience. And one of those is to be told when you're young your fat. You're still. Your ugly. You'll never make anything yourself. Those things leaves scars and marks and especially in our culture and especially with young girls being told that. By your mom or your dad. I -- really. It's over at that point you are you just congratulations you just cause your kid about. Thirty years of therapy and about a 150 dollars an hour. Has that will never ever ever leave them you tell a -- their ugly that will never ever ever ever leave them. So there are ways to make positive. Impact on people's lives without. Denigrating. As a parent as a lover as husband as a brother. How have you had to break the news to somebody that day had better change our times in your office for example and I I don't suggest in light of everything we've learned about sexual harassment I don't suggest. That you walk up to won't work and say. Wow. I guess -- cattle too many Christmas cookies that's definitely not an approach in fact. Nothing ever resent about the way or lack thereof of anybody with whom you call work. Because somebody will take. Action well Arafat's. You know and I happen to enjoy sexual harassment I mean being on the receiving end of it goes out of regarded as harassment I regard it is compliment. Win that I was ever refers to Mike is maximize it as being tight rock like like Steele great to -- it is a good feeling it really does. But. There are things you could say like a top. You've lost all this way Huckabee is still got a belly that hangs over your belt. Now being in the 168 outrage right now I can just look at Tyler and say hey Tyler effectively -- your fifty -- But I wouldn't do that Tyler. Have you had the break and lose to somebody that they had to make changes and did you do it in such a way that you made them actually want to make changes. You actually got them to think about making. Because I I don't know why it. You know I I don't even folks have you ever step on a scale for the first time in years. And you realize that that's scale. Is seriously wrong. Because you know for a fact that you're not 225. Pops you are in fact 180 pounds. So you -- -- by another scale. And what you know that's skills wrong because that's also as you at 225 -- that's what you realize. Edit the scale that's that -- And -- look at that I've been fifty pounds overweight. How many do you own cats. -- if you will goal to have a pussycat sitting in your lap comedy. I will now a big bag of cat letter published does that -- twenty pounds. I have lost the equivalent of two bags and a half a -- -- that are not liver yeah okay that's just made me wanna puke -- sir -- cat liver as. So. I did it on my own because I wanna -- Now if somebody it's about Tyler work if if my mom my brother or my sister had sent. Boy you're count apology they're tough. Getting a little balloon like. Eight are you -- drink it like that Ken what's the story. That would have been -- very mean and hateful thing to say. And it would not have been an incentive. To lose -- But knowing that had to -- and I and other reasons for wanting to do it but knowing that it be done the last. And it's a real simple equation it's always been true since the beginning of time unless you've got to ridiculous medical condition that. Your body needs a certain number of calories every day Tuesday function. If you take in more calories than your body's going to -- eventually you will gain weight. And two pounds a year over twenty years at -- for -- to -- rather. So. Frankly. I think weighing yourself everyday is a great way to stay on top about you guys. I preach in the choir of incredibly inspirational that. I succeeding or delight. And -- sucking at succeed which would release. 8030930. Start at thirty. 18616. WB EN. Tell me how you made a loved -- you -- -- loved -- to be more healthy and better for themselves. And without any further hesitation commanders achieved perfection he is the yoga sitting at the top of the Himalayas with his legs crossed daily. Giving a sage words of traffic wisdom are present to -- the long bearded and be robe -- Allen Harris Allen. AccuWeather for a today. Cloudy intermittent snow accumulating -- to an NC overnight low twelve. So it's army. Ali Frick and -- overnight bitterly for chemicals. That's all -- -- to sew up you know bring in your dog bringing your cat earlier sheltering laws in place. You can throw your grandmother and bad. And you can abort your baby but do not leave your cat or dog outside when it's twelve degrees -- you should know and if you're Republican be sure to push grandma over the cliff in the -- your report it's -- at least that way she will serve as food stuff for the fish. So that's a that's that's what they used that's what they always say about the Republicans and Republicans are just too stupid to get it. Anyway it is up for 22 at the WB Ian hourly with you. Fan -- -- master control person. Have you ever had to tell somebody that you loved without hurting feelings that they have to make a change not just wanna hear bad things about ourselves right. Bottomless. I mean. I'm kind of used anything bad that anybody could say about me. That's really you know it's like in one ear out the other. But it's called experience and a great give the middle -- is really indifference the somethings I feel very strongly about the privacy. Other things that I don't feel strongly about like. You know if Thelma in Cheektowaga once we get Erica to really care with -- -- -- again say about the way it used to Wear mine here now. But when you're talking about a loved one. Saying mom and dad -- How many of you -- curious about this how many have you lost weight because your kids said mom I want you around for my wedding. Mom I'd like around -- graduate from high school with two parents mom I want you around it because I love you. How many have you lost weight quit smoking because your kids made the and treaty. Because let's bail package with those big doe eyes. They look at you with those sure -- angelic faces. And if it's pretty hard to say now. Right and you're gonna wanna do -- that you can't do in order to make them happy and make them relaxed about their future because her work. Kids by nature. Are always looking. For a secure place. Kids are all sick of it and talking about stopping at the agent and figure -- target of eighteen and maybe 22 yours all of we are all looking for. A safe harbor. OK -- safe place to every. And if your kid and you're looking at a moderate dad who is chain smoking or eating. Chicken wings every day and turning into an adult version of the item veto as a child. That can be very very strong ties. Because as a kid that you're not sure from one area whether -- -- are even going to be either. I'm sure that when you went to school you do some kids who lost parents because. Heart attacks. Strokes. Motor vehicle accidents etc. And that's one of the worst things can happen -- kids because. Kids crave stability kids crave order kids' desire routine. And we knew. Who should be supporting -- in there effort to lose where. -- today should support you interpret to lose weight. In the -- we ride each. How did you do how did you convince your loved ones to make to change without making them feel as though they ought to take -- when -- your teeth out with one punch. 8030930. Start at 93180616. WB -- -- -- -- -- Morning all of the man. We're big job. -- -- -- Lamp I think he's referring to in the division. Well. Heads -- gravity comes along and. We're finally got to have. -- -- -- Yeah all of that. -- -- -- This girl. But that was it. It's Southport bloody 433 and is ready at 930 WBBM. I -- I should realize earlier you guys really could care less what's going on in my life I I never even shoes and anything about it -- should let people you know Rogers. You know bulldozed me in just not say anything about it sleeping or managed just be quiet and let -- -- have -- -- with me because you know that's. That's the question -- after thirty here's Lancaster on WBE and I. I am a little disgruntled right now but how are you. Here are actually. Done and on her daughter of New York City in Vietnam over the years he would finish and from. Somewhat late. -- Wait wait to do this -- what was bit. Yes baby got back. -- her own house. After the question yes. So we know that she put that quite a bit weighted average about. And -- my husband and I get -- actually not before it actually commented how good we looked. And so we theater now what we -- territorial apartment and we told her how concerned we were about her weight loss per weight gain ancient Asia right now. Socially very receptive. And god so we Alter Eric programs -- cannot get. And in three months I lost 24 hours. -- she looks great. It changed your eating well that's completely. -- was very read up about it you know it was then you know it was hired to say the word out broke my heart to say it. By -- girl I'll read and that's why we get it you know how to get it off now which was very receptive and she looks cute she's always been beautiful. At that she okay question before she went the college did she have an issue with the way. So it was at the freshman fifteen or was it wasn't the senior ton. Well I'm. -- Alex of course the beer drinking didn't -- at odds. -- belts just as you say and it's not about that. -- -- -- -- That's OK and that com. Moved to New York City for -- -- and I was distrustful. AMD can go from living you know in the suburbs moving to a big city it was stressful their job -- very stressful. And yet where -- forgotten most of her weight was slipping in the cities. You know that's surprising. I have to interrupt your Amy and about a -- -- and we're talking about and should -- we're talking about dammit. How dare you take part in your own phone call shame on you you're not ready to dialogue yet. And I'm teasing we're here we're talking about. Have you ever had to tell a loved one that they really had to make changes because they were going downhill like gaining weight getting flabby. Maybe does that take care of themselves. Maybe being chronically disorganized. -- quit smoking quit drinking still want -- -- -- so much cracked yeah every morning. I mean you might have to -- this conversation that you might have actually tell maybe a son or daughter has you know what -- in moderation okay leader and everything that the movement and it's gonna get into trouble. If I've been such a good example my kids about that but anyway let's let's -- -- to. Let's get back to you you'll. Why do you think your daughter -- -- first of York city to help a great walking tout how do you put on fifteen ounce in New York me. -- get your poor eating. Here here or eating habits to -- -- stop you now gripping a baseball. He. You know like gesture just what it. -- -- -- Making a lot actually slowed added tension. And while we were hoping that we know how it would. Often -- going up and down the stairs on it really gathered up my own. I. Twenty. I mean she's she's ninety begin -- -- -- and you know the big east European grain. But. And but like I said she said yeah I normal weight you know. We got Iraq program we we split the costs are you know for the program. And it was scary. OK so it's not like you stood outside her bedroom window 1 morning and just started playing and a very loud value and. Because that would be wrong in so many ways. And -- sawgrass that. Baby got back. Right. I thought you might appreciate that that -- she's kept up to wait that's great you know. Really Amy I I have a question for -- because -- certainly have a good time America I mean I know that we're supposed to connect with -- audience except not really support we tell our audience what's going on in our lives we connect with them. All -- I don't just I'm trying to figure out how I'm supposed to connect with people if there is no me but in any event. What I was trying to say here is. Amy you you. What what if it happened that she started to gain the weight again because I have known people -- radio. And and I think a lot of other fuel medicine medicine is the other big one radio is a field where everybody is that. Almost everybody is I mean okay Janet Snyder is hot she's gorgeous -- she's going to be my wife at some point you just doesn't know yet. But you know we we think of some good in -- people here but traditionally radio has been worked very fat people ago. And you know you hear these guys do their Nutrisystem ads right and I and I have done that and they lose the twenty pounds but the and they put it right back -- again. And I've seen people with whom I've worked over the years we just do amazing things with their body. In terms of losing weight one of them I don't really -- and he hates me so that's it works out well -- -- he alcohol but to wait many Quebec and Tom pocket -- -- -- very much he's almost like because he's opened -- on debate you know he he lost the -- -- Of weight and -- wanna make sure that you know that. If I see somebody starting to put weight back and I love them where I like them a lot I just don't -- -- -- handle. Egypt Egypt spiel then -- on -- -- and it -- get it. A secure relationship they'll be receptive. I mean -- senile old -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That are out there. Also cannot it's called urgent public at all about a minute -- answer that. Men are doing this I I was reading an article about there's. -- me you're the call of the day so far. I mean I don't -- I talked to anybody -- that Saturday this is good stuff so don't you dare go anywhere -- will -- you at 3 in the morning. Good -- anyway let's find out what's going on with traffic here's -- terrorists I wait for -- traffic report at 620 Yale -- with them. -- -- well. Or not to traffic officer at a tolerant of entrapment I'm sorry I. Clearly my miracle here is that I thought such -- -- the driving it well we have a situation I'm not used. That Chelsea's hand -- late wait Chelsea can -- an adjuster you know all understand. All hell that's not yeah yeah. Oregon at my Chelsea she just gave me two birds and I asked for the I'll get back. You know it it sounds like you approach as Richard daughter in a loving way and I get very excited about this -- I'm sorry but it's like really into this topic today because -- really really am. Because you in a positive difference in your -- like you're keeping an eye on the fact that she's not gonna reputed agency she's 59 she has. -- Com. -- am more and she is but she. Made an. -- At. And -- and from. The program. That we are. Olmert to. -- right. And she's all. Right. The and. She -- short men who were soon to be unemployed. I'm damn aren't well -- have to go organ music -- -- just realize McCain used that -- of the year nevermind the well you sometimes a computer world of government. I have to go AV but you know what thank you see here's what I like about what did you told your daughter and that this is just to show that I do active listening on the show you when you guys think that I'm not. You didn't confront her you have an honest and open and positive conversation. About. What you think needs to be changed. And this and and I I love it when people do that with me that's equipment -- panels that would be if I do something that was really stupid he generally does not come down and elect a ton of -- to generally say here's what I think you might have done better I think you might agree -- usually 99% gonna say you have you know what you're right I'll I'll try and at the screwed up so badly the next -- casinos -- -- You know he knows and you know how to handle your daughter and and you respect your daughter she respects you which isn't an integral part of that relationship. And it just sounds like you guys are just the best. You know we could hear it. Will they -- and you know -- to -- and basically. Out of our ceiling and they just well. Just remember something just remember if one of the kids turns out to be a degenerate low life scum -- director of national. -- very important to know these things. It's soprano family curse I thank you -- -- I want to thank the -- HBO by the way for putting The Sopranos back. Oh my god folks aren't good -- of the blasphemy serie. But over christmastime and it is your family reunion talk about the James Gandolfini tribute from his friends. All okay I'm mr. right. James Gandolfini Tony was transcendent. Actor. And the Tony Soprano role really resonated with me as did the elsewhere in general Edward. Man. That should roll at such chemistry to that it was a pleasure it was like watching the beatles' recording. All you need is love is just a beautiful chemistry. So on HBO on demand actually showing James scandal beat me a tribute from his friends. I made it ten minutes through before -- started crime. What do you do the same thing for our troops yeah actually I do and by the way our troops were big fans to James Gandolfini as well. Don't draw that false dichotomy where you don't have to draw one. Because I'm sure some troops cried over James scandal -- as well because you know he was a larger than life individual. And his friends put this beautiful tribute group together for him. And Steven van -- who played their sill on the show Sylvia don't think he's exactly he is Sylvia bumping and real life he would not -- that was -- You know that right. So -- it was not. That is how Steven van -- personality really is and has them all and he was a perfect fit for that -- Or did. You have a loved one. I. I used to have some but now they've moved and they didn't give me forwarding address. Sector time and sixth grade Tom. Said the note as I looked at the front -- We moved guess where. That -- -- more but somebody called cops and worked out there it's but having had to confront or talk with somebody love about a change. They need to make now -- I have to break right now Chelsea is commute -- and with reason a blast and hope viewers while on Monday this is typically a sake weak to do a talk show. And like last week ominous turn a lemon in to eliminate this week. I will turn water into wine. And then why then -- your time. Is live by those words that are always lived by those words. We have people calling in a lot of talk about this -- -- gonna get you up as only Tyler can do. We're talking about well you -- folks. Beach and I feel the same way about resolution shows and the sandy beach can be your way to vacation now and he damn well deserved vacation poor bastard broke his ankle this year. I think I'm sorry but. The city you know a lot. That's -- should -- into a fight is broken well I just have said he now let's go. But I would never do that because that loves him. And he is a phenomenal talent and I seriously this this is no BS is -- honest honest I mean it's such a hoot for me to come into work. And know that sandy beach is the guy who's on locally before I am that rush is and then after months Sean is gone it is such an amazing. Rush for me no pun intended you can't believe it. But that's sandy deserves some time off he's taken now and when he was off -- earlier this year believe me he was not -- he was not exactly out during the fox trot. His ankle was in agony. If I mean I. Sandy beach has a very high threshold for pain mean. Bastard work for me for thirteen years he month but -- good at. But in any event. I can tell he was wincing -- so I hope he's enjoying some relaxing time off this time a year. 803. Shoot up. That's a story in my life let's find out what's happening entrapment. On WBBM since half you guys are obviously on your -- as a pimp from last night your Valium let's go to what's his name. Alan Harris with traffic Allen apparently the roadways or on the Valium today. All right so five years -- gonna have a built into the playoff I just -- five years we're going to be and are we going to be in the Stanley Cup. EJ Manuel I love the man dearly but he's never going to be a big NFL quarterback -- these -- -- injury -- you -- start looking for somebody else sorry he's injury prone he's never gonna he's never going to be the guy thought he was he's injury prone Jim Kelly took more hits. Maybe -- the Camara Jim Kelly took more hits. -- on the on the grid iron as a big guy then EJ Manuel and Jim Kelly. He was up to an EJB for as big as it is is enormous man and I look and I real I like him I mean. I am trying to go back on this I really I like the guy. But I just can't see him being our savior as quarterback because mean Jesus and the guys -- -- -- put on -- -- is pretty well. So I did not concede I was trying to see jeepers McCain about Jesus I apologize again that was actually unintentional blasphemy it's a going to be twelve degrees overnight. Which means certain parts of you will be pastor kidneys. And other parts of you about drop until springtime men and that ladies are very pleased about that now. Ladies and gentlemen. I happen to think this is an important -- -- -- reported in the show -- -- weekend. Because I hate. With a passion I hate doing those. What is your resolution -- I don't believe the New Year's resolutions I think their crap. I don't believe in this year's resolutions anymore I believe in closure. All I'm sure Jackie Kennedy found great closure after JFK's brains were in her hands yes I'm sure she had closure after that -- There is no such thing as closure. It's about closure is full -- they don't know anything about anything they're not worth listening to you never get closure. What you get it is time making the wounded less acute. And covering it with scar tissue. And hopefully it's not a -- -- are just a normal star but there's no closure I'm never gonna. I'm never gonna get over certain things -- happened in my life. And for good for. Me that's -- the going to folks you know we we talk about closure with bet things. I don't have closure on the good things -- the only person thinks of this crap. I -- remember the good times. I want to remember going into that can Maurice hall of thing don't you remember that time you won the dance contest in elementary school. Don't you wanna remember the time he got employee of the month that national huge -- incorporated. Aren't you glad don't you take pride in the fact that your kid got straight -- you -- remember the good times nobody ever talks about closure with the times. But even if even if you score five goals in a single hockey game. Guess what. The thrill of that overtime goes away everything. Everything in the end evens out. And A River Runs Through It was that Robert Redford and I think that's alien the movement were but folks this morning -- -- for this afternoon. This morning you were sleeping but this afternoon -- wanna get guys. It's that stupid -- New Year's resolution time of the year can't stand because people set them up for failure. Well you know what I I'm so pleased that Chelsea Chelsea and Tyler I don't. Not all cylinders they're both looking at me like Jesus now just not yes yes walk on water on your putting your also what did you -- it would have to be done. We love people in our lives right. And sometimes people who lives we see them out of control. And we see them just like bulging out with. You know you can almost feel the posse the swelling with them as you look at them like balloon blowing up. Or you know that the door stuff it's not gonna end well for them. Like your teenage son who comes -- says. Take that right now what my -- and look I've got looks like a traffic citation from troopers on. 87 in a 55 and -- half. Well that's the -- got to have a talk with junior. So how have you broken the news to somebody about something they didn't wanna hear about themselves. And if you were in the situation where somebody did that the right way for you are loved and what worked for you got it quit smoking it's part of what somebody said what got you to quit overeating -- And by the way I'm I'm really should not -- eating disorders I've known people in my life who -- eating disorders they -- Mean they really do. -- raiders no getting around it usually get to -- thing sometimes they can be guy thing and either way you slice it it's an ugly. A health issue. And I just wanted to make that point right where it takes more calls coming up after the break 8030930. Start 93180616. WBM. We are simply in 93 octane today. Some darn -- and it's one of this stuff. All. That explains it. Explorer it.

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