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Snowy AM Drive; Chilly New Year's Eve

Dec 31, 2013|

Meteorologist Jon Hitchcock

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's head right down to the airport weather's version of the National Weather Service to anybody child -- about our weather is meteorologist Jon Hitchcock. John good morning and happy new year thanks -- what does this morning. Boy we're getting a little winter weary around here and what it was only about a week old a lake snow warning will be posted for the southern cheered and they tell us what first. Yet they're still expects a warning to go to an effect later today Portia talk would terror targets county. But before that happens the lake effect snow could be up here in buffalo we have a lake effect snow advisory further north. That includes Erie Genesee & Wyoming counties. They expect lake -- no -- intensify over the buffalo area over the next few hours and expand -- toward Acadia and at no point felt. -- felt they're going to be the late morning and eventually wind up in the coverage here this afternoon. I know it'll vary from place to place but give us the rundown how much to expect -- Well appeared at city we expect her pour into the fallen pretty short period of time during the morning hours. So not a lot of snow up here but it not and the timing isn't very good. Regular morning drive to. Really look at things up and as a move south to the rest of Erie county Genesee Wyoming counties probably similar -- three to five inches but want to get this covered here. It's going view but didn't stay over talk and -- county for the afternoon through tonight and into tomorrow morning. So down -- might be looking at eight to twelve inches maybe locally put -- by tomorrow morning. Good thing kids are off from school. Which of the morning. The morning drive early afternoon drive home which you expect might be the worst. Well for buffalo the morning drive will be worse and -- the second half the morning drive I expect they conditions to be carried pretty quickly after 7 or 8 o'clock. By afternoon it like effects LB well south of buffalo but for people with coverage here the morning drive will be not too bad. And the afternoon -- will be much worse but fortunately it is new years eve so traffic should be pretty light today. Speaking of New Year's Day there will be lots of people in downtown buffalo tonight what -- predicting from the midnight hour. Well the lake effect snow will be well south of buffalo at that point it would be down near Jamestown. And -- can build. So mainly dry out here but very cold temperatures around fifteen a bit tight with the wind chills around zero so. If your read -- out the ball drop your don't want address some players dressed nice and warm. Okay one more question the city of buffalo has declared a cold blue alert for the next couple of days. Some of bone chilling whether we can expect. -- gonna be cold all week really in a cold is going view reach its greatest point toward the end of the week on Thursday we expect hi is only the load teams. And I think on Friday only that single numbers. John good to channel -- -- was always. Much appreciated and happy new deal and everyone there at the National Weather Service thank you again. That's National Weather Service forecaster John Hitchcock.

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