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Busy Year For Washington Politicos

Dec 31, 2013|

Dave Levinthal

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's bring in Dave Leventhal it is Tuesday after all the day that he joins us from the Center for Responsive Politics in Washington the morning Dave. As we look at the end of the year here talk to me about what kind of a year it's trendy thing for President Obama and maybe even speaker Boehner. Iowa for President Obama has been about the work here that he could possibly have five. Just about everyone's measure what is now and he's saying it would got a lot done in the -- moving in the right direction of these. A economy is getting better and when he sports scene and healthcare is going to be great after all the bumps in the road -- And it's not any effort to America and then and they would say that Japan out that this is bad about it that it year. If you -- -- -- and really oh at a lot of people have about its second terms starting. You know many things going right you're certainly going in the right direction. But that's -- what is going to be huge challenge for him and for Democrats in general election year. The Democrats have sort of looked like at 2014. -- -- shaping up at this point to be up a whole lot better than great Turkey is going to be for the president. Well twentieth thirteen let's talk about -- the big story you must have talked about it with your colleagues obamacare government shut down sequester gridlock or all of the above. And that's been the mollen and it really is -- either of course -- -- reasons -- thirteen was such a bad year for the president's. But what is on obamacare first sack and that was the biggest problems beyond just the web site in -- disaster for the first couple months in the blowout. Is that many of the promises -- spoken about obamacare without lines at -- that -- put forward. Are the administration that and not be at becoming true self reports of the report in as. It's the American people going to have faith in this system people truly going to buy into it in ways that Democrats and and that the country in general that this is going to work well need Portugal forward and in your system that is not what. Solvents and number two that people again by -- -- -- big issues that young people irate people 120 people in their thirties I think expect argued. Take part in obamacare. Because -- are the folks if you absolutely need to have. Have signing up by an order -- the system depends a lot out for the finances to work that the court in a -- talking now. A lot of the enrollments begin coverage tonight does that change the political debate in the Republicans talk anymore. About repeal board after develop something different now. I hit -- say look you're -- going to be a non issue in 2014 in terms of it. Happening now a lot Republicans would love to see it happen there may be attempt or they happened. But you've got to remember the political realities of the situation here right now the -- -- bit -- -- Congress so anything that would be about controversial. Is just simply not in the cards whether Obama air -- and the issue but then again Republicans are gonna use this as an opportunity particularly. Yet Obama here continue to have major problems to say. Look we need a change in congress we need -- Republican House. And we need a Republican senate obamacare could decrease in sports. And and the gonna use the idea of what -- as a political tool political weapon make Democrats again particularly. If Obama cared when he fourteen. Continued to have the problems of the -- weaker. Individual. Newsmakers this past year David. The president aside John Boehner -- leaders of congress the Ted Cruz of Texas he shook things up anybody else. Sure -- well yeah if you wanna go beyond that it's members of congress ought citizen of the United States. It looked a lot of people who like -- at a major factor in US politics. Even though they are not politicians themselves that first come the mine would be it would -- that. Is that someone rusher right now but it's in the what do you like -- what you don't like and the fact of the matter is. That break it's somebody who has shook up the way that the United States. Is looking at the way that it collects intelligence. That it looks took away at bat that it that monitors traffic. In terms that communications -- the period but the thing right here in the United States and and look at them later this year because of course. He NSA -- the all of the intelligence agencies in the United States say they. In large part to keep the American people say that the larger question -- and quite fourteen. It's like going to change in a major way because of what a lot of people considered to be. Violations of Americans. Right there in their ability the living on -- life. Other -- -- questioned it also hang in the balance. The company that will be a major story got and quite fourteen absolutely are not period and the -- and. All right we'll have to ask you more about that in the coming years thanks for joining us they have been here -- -- as Dave Leventhal at the Center for Responsive Politics in Washington.

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