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Lightbulb Switch: Bright Idea?

Dec 31, 2013|

Domenic Cortese

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

O'Sullivan of the WBBM a lot of -- and welcome -- -- Cortese is a serious number one handyman and host of hammer time WBM here and every Saturday morning at 10 AM dominant good morning how many years has -- -- you've been good WVN. It I -- something about -- that they call it out Courtney and beauty. Boy good congratulations on that Dominic you're the go to guy especially when. We need to talk about something as complicated is this even though we've known about some time. It's sort of sneak compliment 75 watt lightbulbs. And 100 watt lightbulbs phased out we're talking about the old incandescent. Lightbulbs and just forties and sixties. Our next -- maybe you can help because legacy as complicated and that's why we called you. Well there where it that he aired tomorrow. The -- in the -- And -- and you act here. And then they'll be bulb went -- there are depleted. Then they don't know what the elbow up under -- -- -- -- are now no longer available. -- that side. And forty are. I guess -- production there are all amateur then and that I had the court. -- -- that that -- ball is not. A bit better. And -- effort that it make light. So. Oh and I followed it have been like -- quite well. But what about the bump him that not all are aren't quite. The problem. Oh that we are at shoved down -- -- are really not the perfect solution. Because they have a byproduct that it Mercury. Or are. You know like well. So but he about and how it went that. All part of unintended. Well. But they really you know. -- until now are -- out out. -- well the problem right now. Is that they act they'll not in the paint. And that are rewarded them of their sport like well they all are now. Order out more and and and -- or aren't so. Our board. Well that that once but that man. You pretty much at a light -- quite. The CFOs have -- curly cues right. Chuck you can you not be an item in the early -- -- are now might -- early due in it. A conventional from that and home are all going and mean and yeah. It happened -- I would bow. It's they have. The quality of the light and created different kind of -- Oh. Are. You know more affordable range -- -- -- where the aren't. They don't work every single that bill or frigid temperature like we're gonna have that week they don't work too well. Outsource that. And also recommend it though that he turned them I know -- my -- you get the most patient the other. How much of a cost difference are we talking about to purchase either CFL's are LEDs. Compared to the incandescent were used to now. Economical and unfortunately -- out and by piper you know under five -- A comparable Ali evil caught up were the one side. It. A ball I. What -- like -- pre apple now. So caught. There now but. All over it out an hour oh mapped. -- at what what Iraq. And Donald -- folks who resist buying these energy saving light bulbs. Dade constantly complain they're just not bright enough they're getting better. And it broke the light body via out you know no I. -- -- -- -- -- like they were called the FO. All -- All pretty like accurate all that the impact burning out our short short. -- at -- let me try it out. In the daylight that he -- -- note it. How much -- -- at all like -- -- light. It like we like pop up. I. Made that right well while. And now I don't permit app that cycle. Oh yeah -- -- air. App are all out pattern. Well I am not impacted by. The only good to talk me this morning happy new year. At issue are that are -- Saturday morning -- they'll be. Okay that's I -- Dominic Cortese the serial number one handyman.

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