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Weather Update

Dec 31, 2013|

Meteorologist Bob Hamilton

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Live now out of the National Weather Service airport weather station a meteorologist Bob Hamilton. Bob this weather has really deteriorated especially in the past ten minutes around here. What are we in for how -- is it gonna last a world of going after this. -- probably good news visit to a lot of people off today given and New Year's Eve but. What we have of the cold front moving through right now this is not. Lake effect we got a cold front moving through -- gonna have near whiteout conditions in the buffalo area for probably. The next thirty to 45 minutes or so that's gonna blow through. And then you're gonna get some multiple bands of lake effect also adopted south of the city consolidate over the southern tier late this afternoon and tonight global pickup probably in excess of of what. Temperatures tonight dropping. Well routine down close to ten in the buffalo area. And single digits south fingers so typical January. They're road typical New Year's New Year's Eve weather. If what we're seeing right now is lake effect does that mean the -- that I cannot not lake effect I'm sorry this lament. I just I look out nicely and it's pretty heavy is the lake effect going to be even worse than us. Com the -- off awful late Kiri I mean will be wiped out in it in some areas but it's not going to be one single plume of snow that -- typically -- -- buffalo area because it's gonna be out here to Oregon multiple bands and visibility and a quarter mile at times but it's probably not going to be as intense as what you're seeing going through buffalo now. This does probably about point three mile bands associated with a cold front. I'll do think there may be on adjustments necessary in your leg advisories or late warnings or. Let's say about -- Don't the warnings and advisories weather service put out there are absolutely perfect right now we got advisories here till 2 o'clock if anything that might be a little bit. Too pessimistic I mean this stopper on the blow through like answered within the next thirty to 45 minutes. And would expect to have dramatic improvement in the buffalo area by noon. Stopping here we have warnings up through 1 o'clock tonight there was looked good solid so right now the forecast looks -- on. That's good news about thank you really have to meteorologist Bob Hamilton of the -- weather station.

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