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The 2013 Liveline Derby

Dec 31, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for our annual live line derby where various guests on the morning -- compete to elbow each other out for the most appearances on Buffalo's early news. And the process give you a sense of what stories making news in 2013. A regular contributors by the way can't win if they did Dave Leventhal from the Center for Public Integrity. Would have swept them all away with a record breaking 56 appearances this year. This is going to set up in nature by going forward and it really straight -- The core of this issue. Followed by Jill on money business analyst Jill Schlesinger probably didn't do so well this year with a measly 52 appearances slacker you've got to just be willing to accept that other regulars include Gina Browning at the SP CA John Murphy and mark Kelso before and after -- -- game. What impressed me most was the -- he hung in there and then figure the team effort. And sabres MSG analyst micro but I always good tart and -- we thank them all as for the rest. Tied for ninth CB s.'s mr. versatility he didn't have warned them and Steve -- Any words were. Handed out last night for. Look at this morning Steve good morning this will go down in history along with that financial guy Glenn wiggle and proof that education was hot topic in 2013 regions. Bob Bennett. No I think the intention is to -- more inclusive and very very accessible each one of those three on our air ten times this past year. And number six another tie -- politics was not the only sport this year. Eleven appearances each court analyst Carl calabrese so now we're getting into crunch time now we're gonna get a real life opponents hockey commentator Steve Manson. I'm gonna be on its defectors. Are are playing extremely poor. And south buffalo democratic congressman Brian Higgins. Or unfortunately more drama in the coming months. Over issues. Spending cuts and also read in the -- At number five. Open -- -- the world by announcing his intention to resign followed by more days after that on the selection of his successor CBS news correspondent Sabena canceled Franco joining us from the Vatican in Rome again this morning and CBS's Rome correspondent was on -- twelve times this past year. -- humbly movement I think he did his humble man and the simple math and and yeah you already warmed everybody's heart. Because of some more ties we jumped out at number three already outspoken on gun laws in politics. Carl Paladino was elected to the school board in May. Spotlight and you. Peel back the nonsense and figure out what's going -- and -- expose it to people are hard put not to follow. And that puts them right up next to doctor Bob Johnson with the Bleier center -- TV and pop culture at Syracuse University a doctor Bob. -- -- -- has been a winner in years past he and Paladino both on thirteen times this past year. At number two whether it was health care. I just don't know -- the Republicans can ride on one issue. Or even the way we use the media after something like the Boston bombings in the studio with -- this morning as we talk about social media's role in an event like this. The doctor Bruce -- professor of communications. -- buffalo state -- was on our air fourteen different times this past year. Either way the president is. Between a rock and a hard place said you know -- -- ratings are just plummeting right now I would never I can never imagine that the president would have expected this in any way she. Our number one choice is less is a prize when you think about how often this year. Crime and punishment was in the news well I think that patterns emerging here. I'm kidnappings in Cleveland earlier in the year or murder trial in stock or county toward the end this case is going to be one of just. Go to legal analyst was almost always attorney Paul Cambodia. More than anyone else and live line -- -- embryo on our air this year 21 times on the live line. Paul thanks for joining us this morning good good to your current with an ability to really talk on anything and a range of stories on shootings in trials -- -- their team. For the most part gun permits. -- are regulated. And a local basis. That puts attorney Paul camp -- blitzes green the winner. Live blinder we now for the second year.

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