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12-30 Larry Hunter Show Hour 3

Dec 31, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- and he's always it's Larry hunter. News radio 930 WB EN. We're back for the final hour of sandy beach showed today Rush Limbaugh coming up at noon and Tom buy hourly this afternoon at 3 o'clock on news radio. 930. We've been talking a little bit about their casinos casino gaming fact New York State is going to add four casinos in the in the next few years and one I guess around the capital district -- around the Hudson Valley area. One possibly. In the Finger Lakes region which means you can drive the New York State -- from Albany to buffalo. And have while 12345. -- different casinos to choose from within about a 300. Mile radius I really don't think it's going to be beneficial for New York State in in all honesty. Because basically I think it's just going to keep more people. In a local area. As opposed to -- going to other areas and I don't think it's going to bring in outside money. From a tourist did to come here to gamble especially. When Pennsylvania now has casinos they have the -- beautiful mount airy casino and resort in the Poconos. You have. A Harris casino near Philly you have Atlantic City, New Jersey at foxwoods. In Connecticut. It's it's going to get saturated. And when it gets saturated. I think. You're going to see. AD -- it in the casinos I really do. But. I do wanna ask you a very serious question about casinos and gaming. And I'm gonna do that right after I talked to job and buffalo good morning John. Good morning. You do not we looked sincere but comments about how the drinking age changed so radically back in the 1980s. And the idea. -- the experience so. -- becoming legal to drink three times. I expect the fact that you are a lot of Bozo. The age coincided with the increase in the minimum drinking a. I turned legal in 1982. But his senior year high school. And then they changed the age when I went to college there with the Jonas Leo and McCain's vote law back two to nineteen. About three months before my birthday whoever is in February so that I had to wait two months to turn legal again. Then 1983 I guess that would -- and and then my parents mean well it moved to New Jersey. So I went there between semesters. We're predicting it Girardi. When I was twenty. And the drinking age was changed there already did when he -- so I became legal at the age of 21 also. John you're. Your withdrawal symptoms are still exist today don't take effect and that the. Flew -- as as part of the W diamond casino gambler I -- like poker with my family my grandfather always yours political but I would now everyone has to play Texas hold my. And I say if you're gonna gamble gamble with your friends or lease your friends are winning in your -- -- your money away to a casino. That's that's a that's a good way to. And and I heard her academic -- didn't have a little problem with that I heard you the other the -- -- the economy won't get better until President Obama. It gets back from his vacation in Hawaii. And I know you guys look to attack the president but the Dow Jones is pushing 171000. Dollars and yet you're the last guy was in terms it was it. -- -- -- To try to called socialist. I -- they'd -- Dow Jones seemed to be doing pretty well. But that has nothing to do it. Now. Now it's it's not what industrial averages not an indicator. That the Dow Jones has been increasing because the Fed has been pouring money. Into our economy which is work and weakening the American dollar that's that's really what has that happened. I would I would completely disagree with you and I think you guys felt totally disingenuous when you talk like that. -- the unemployment. The way it is. With how you feel -- He's been getting no cooperation from Republicans in congress at all unloaded his approval ratings are down low. There's still four times higher than their approval rating of Republicans in congress would certainly 9%. And and and Democrats in congress as well I mean I. But Republicans yeah and low below. But I think that the Republicans want to do is make everyone -- the government of the United States of America so well -- you were promised to tend to inflict as much pain and people. To try to prove that the government is horrible but government program would consider it should be preserved -- and so trying to make the -- We just try to make -- horrible. Well as if I'm sorry you you believe that John because. We had. True okay well let's -- Let's go back a little bit Jon and just make a comparison here when things were. I thought economically wise pretty darn good under Bill Clinton. Would would you agree that day at that point during the denying these are our economy was doing pretty well. Better than it was -- and under Reagan or bush the first -- or the second -- that was doing better than that. And who ran congress back then. Who wouldn't congress yeah I think -- There was mixed -- Clinton was a no no when you first officer and Democrats and complete control. The Republicans. Have the house and the senate. -- -- Before the years after the entire eight years. And and that's when it was the best. When it was about -- that's when our economy was the best okay. -- and when the Democrats took what what John John here yet I let you have your say and now I'd like to respond. When the Democrats took over in 2006. Under George Bush. It was shortly after that when our economy and the housing crisis started. So. That's another pretty disingenuous thing to say now it's just you know they were elected in 2006 and -- took office in January compelled -- seventh ranked in the end and the housing crisis hit in February of 2000 what you're seeing. In in left them on they crash the entire -- we -- -- the Republicans have been running everything for six years that what are you actually want people to believe that. That's that's not what I said but I mean that -- The real beauty all these 2006 but they can take office to -- seven where they were elected in everything happened in February of developments. Due to regulations that were supported by Democrats previously. -- Too so we -- years of Republican president and a Republican senate and a Republican House you know sometimes John. That is liberal. When you. Oppose something it is for the better and that's something that says Democrats and liberals seem to have a hard time understanding. I think you can blame Democrats the liberals partly for what happened under the Bush Administration. Because they didn't try to fight him they went along with the war there were a lot of Beijing. -- filibuster everything like the Republicans are doing now. So maybe additional fought harder against them but I guess they gave him the benefit of the doubt that he was the president that he had information that we should attack Iraq. Which ultimately realize of course but. Just like -- and Ghazi and in the lies there and in the NS. And me as someone who lives there really true it right now it's good -- really if you wanna believe the New York Times in the lies. Then I'm sure you also believe the Buffalo News in the lives but but John. John I'll let you have your say and I'm trying to responded you don't seem to wanna listen so thank you. For your time today at WBE and you know it's a two way street I I try to let people talk and and say what they want to say even if I disagree. But I think it's only reasonable and fair that when I have an opportunity to respond you let me do so as well. And John scene and seemed to want -- one way conversation. Because he forgot how successful the Republicans were in improving the economy under the Clinton administration and how successful Bill Clinton was working we have Republicans to make that possible it's a two way street it's a two way street. And President Obama and the Democrats don't want to have a two way street. The Republicans -- Bill Clinton were willing to do so. And things were much much better back then. I'm I'm tired of the excuses I'm tired of trying to blame just the Republicans. For what President Obama has tried to do to our country. If if he can't. Carry out a two way conversation. We're gonna have a difficult time this morning. If you -- 8030930. Is our number star 930 is a free call on your cell will take a break. Come back with the weather and more of your phone calls. Let's say good morning to bowl in Asheville without being North Carolina. No polyps are -- west European style. All camps I've ever heard of Nashville and in New York cannot travel statement -- ASEAN because they'll lowered OK we're done. We have some mutual friend whose legislature let him know and he at all but I -- -- and -- VO electorate well. You know it's -- When you realize how -- an -- form. Shall occasional -- of people are like children I mean it is scary. This this -- a person who put -- lived there for two consecutive terms and they don't have a little I feel short or basically. Except he can join the group that's written in this country down on -- you know and are still Federal Reserve and 85 billion dollars a month. They just in the back I think by troopers and or something like that. But excuse me for over a year. They've been putting east side billion dollars a month into our economy which actually gonna boost the stock market and for what reason and -- the company are all showing a profit because. There are saving their money they don't their -- and -- employee away. This -- throw in the country actually -- look good on the rap sheet so that the -- but are still true. Well one of the one of the things that. IE here a lot of liberals and Democrats not wanting to talk about. Is the comment that Senator Obama said when he was running for president. And that is. We have a deficit of eight trillion dollars. And that is unpatriotic. And and President Obama came into office and has more than doubled our national deficit. This is a senator who voted against increasing. The national debt. And has been a total hypocrite. And is put our country in debt more so than it has ever been in its history. But they want to ignore that completely and they don't understand the ramifications. That will be caused because of this lack of responsibility. By our president who called our former president unpatriotic. Exactly and that next time a lot and increase the energy and rightly that it. It will be out there outing that all Republicans are getting in the way and not reason. And who I shall we don't see these saying that book the death does immunity and that doesn't have anything to do anything. Orchard those it is it's a major factor in the that number total economy worldwide especially. For the basic element that Clinton. Partners. A kind of neat looking good was attacked bubble. -- -- -- We talk about good China the world that -- all he could and it never did collect books lately but it certainly -- down once bush got in there. And then. That Republicans used -- march that it took him three times and get him to sign that you welfare modification belt in martial rolling Gingrich at a practical they're. Customer around the office up there to get a shot -- something that were better for the country let's a lot of people -- I just say let's also not forget. That as a candidate. President or Senator Obama at the time. Was talking about the differences. Between and the gap between the wealthy and the pork. In this country and how he was going to change that and today the gap between the wealthy in the -- is bigger than it's ever been in our nation's history. I'm gonna say he changed that -- all right yeah to think about liberal if you want your normal student Leo -- there. And messed up what you do that -- -- to do you know a federal federal marshals that worked there. And -- ordered a couple of children that -- that seat. They had watched the other the tigers beat over the last election yes -- didn't mention anything about that. I think you know it's just it's just ignorant people like that they they want people like -- A Democrat you know you put them all Republican program that's currently never been keeping it. And Italy eat lightly urgently Angela without stopping to triple over a few important actual -- away. Yeah you you said it well don't let facts get in the way. Well you know I really -- you don't negotiate over that -- -- just got me off. And then don't sell it because people are so that that lightly uniformity cute sort stupid that. Didn't even I don't stupid in the classic sense but he just so blind to what's going. I don't think Citic capital like you're like -- -- I know but that don't like about it I thought we had a pact with the senators. That the nation there that we that. We actually wasn't going to do that you -- there. The basically what happened John is the accounts comes -- I'm -- I got an apartment I. I sincerely apologize for. -- fact that. Due to the constitutional amendment that was voted on New York State now -- Legally. Have the right to have new casinos with out ownership by the Indians. It was voted against I think yet the spiritual -- Indians I believe was suspect they gave people -- -- casinos. And then they wouldn't compete with them. Well I think it was or a ten year period and as well. OK I may be wrong about that and but well usually -- as the Illinois I was ever at those. I think it was the last one available then that's fairly close and listeners. And I didn't stay there -- just stop there about baker and torture have a true that was liberty New York or -- -- and we stopped and just walked around -- -- match of the November there was kind of not she and there was a lot of people are that. -- it was over almost all the old world white Jewish people of course we got the Jewish people are near city for most their summer street. And that they -- just a Welty once I mean poor families in the Bronx and a Brooklyn whatever you would save up all year to take their at least early to cooperate in these. Book speculation -- tackle senators. Yeah that that wasn't gigantic plays and it was also the basis for the motion picture if you remember dirty dancing. I think that there are no it that. They shot route eight. 87. In the Adirondacks initially. And then the actual movie itself I believe was shot in North Carolina but it was supposed to represent being in the Catskills. But I gotta run enjoyed talking yet have a happy -- here. Thank you very much sandy beach show would Larry hotter on news radio 930 WBE and. The home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon till three news radio 9:30 AM. WB yeah. Eric burden in the animals' house of the rising sun 24 minutes away from noon at WB Ian let's go back to the phones and we'll go to. Bill in North Carolina -- Good morning Larry and he's been I'm not -- be silly today. -- -- what color it is -- it -- -- job on the other hand doesn't have a clue. The -- of one of the non English first -- Ever since. Market but it as the big key indexes an attacker could -- -- standard importers Dow Jones NASDAQ. Canadian exchanges whatever. Forward in market. For any thing. To become almost double its existing index. And a future. In future years you get serious problem the problem being is that. And get Karen not knowing what he's talking about the government pouring billions which city -- billion per. But seriously wrong this bubble is gonna box. This guy does it give it liberals don't give it to go and how well these don't protect and and this is just one of no. It's not good. Get so many people unemployed. We've got the bottom it's. It's not falling out of it and he's saying but nothing is holding it up it's also heard right now. And it didn't grow. Yeah I just in fact ironically I just took a ton of money out of the market because I'm. I kind of feel like you do it's it's gonna blow. Pretty soon. Because it cannot sustain itself but the sad part here and if you want to talk about the economy and I would have been happy to with John if you shut up once in awhile. But that is the bottom line here is. How much interest are you getting on your savings account. What what our lives giving YouTube today in pain in the market I mean when you talk about. The economy -- need to look at an entire picture not have tunnel vision. And try to say that one thing represents everything which is does not I mean think about this too if someone running for president. A couple of years ago on the Republican ticket. Had said that president. Barack Obama. Has doubled our debt and that's unpatriotic. The it wouldn't -- taken ten seconds. For the liberals. And CNN and the New York Times to call him a racist. But if Senator Obama. Calls President Bush unpatriotic. Because he has an eight trillion dollar deficit. That's okay. We. So that hypocrisy. That we hear. From the liberal side. Just continues to grow but the sad part is that. I've always felt that I've been willing to listen. To both sides and and try to. Consider which is -- best serving either myself for my family your or my state or my country which is why. Just a few minutes ago I was suggesting. That we create a gambling resort. Environmental. In the Catskills. And bring back. What was -- and created new now that means. That I'm suggesting. A part of New York State more than 200 miles from here. Grow and prosper may be better than than we do but I think it would be good for the state as a whole I -- said it should be only in Niagara Falls. And and think of myself and my -- region but I'm looking at the whole picture and that's what I've always tried to do. Would in my life is not just see what's good or best for me. But how as a nation as a state as a community will we can all benefit together. And it doesn't matter to me which party. He has that the title. What matters to me is is the action and the result -- of and the action and results of the Obama administration. Are going to be devastating down the road. We have. It's a critical part and edit and this seventeen trillion. There will look at -- right now. -- what is -- hurry up the market and it's not bolstered it it's completely solved. Yeah I like I said I I'd I have to. Worry at at this point that this will not continue. And there's -- idea a little bubble burst that are -- -- in the market bill thanks for your time this morning and they're going to be in nice talk India. On this eve before New Year's Eve. Arms let's see who's been waiting longer here looks like got passed on a cell phone I tapped. I don't very pretty good thank you can't you simply -- answer to a culture problem. What what plant do you have -- better than -- -- culture. Well I think a lot of ideas are better than the affordable healthcare plan I don't have one single individual plan. As I recall all they are well look let me finish your -- -- as I recall. The American public was concerned about the rising cost. Of health care and how we could still have reasonably affordable health care responsible health care. Reasonable health care. Without the increase that was occurring over the last few years instead of addressing that issue. We had a president and a congress that basically tried to change. Our nation's entire health care system. And what we have seen is a huge increase in health care cost. Which was the opposite of what the American public the majority of people were asking for. In that was a more reasonably cause a price wise health care system. Well anecdotally you get but again what into the Republican here. They have not very different on an upper twenties by -- I'll tell you what -- and the Republican -- until eight Republicans and eight Democrat at a rumor and pitched. That support our culture only true courageous Republicans. Actually voted for. The Heritage Foundation Republican thing and can -- scripting thing and -- very plant before Obama stroll. So they report that -- -- would have heard it say. If you're not part of this salute you and then your part of the problem the last five presidents of such spiraling health care cost out of control culture all. Other people sharing a rep for the nation. Not terrorism not anything else so it's been -- being the case what are you -- about. Well first of all it didn't matter what the Republicans proposed because the president and the Democrats were going to do what they damn well please. So it what ever suggestions the Republicans had were irrelevant secondly. This was something as you recall that Nancy Pelosi said we need to pass before we find out what's in it now pat. As an adult. You and I have been told how many times. Read the fine print before you sign it and what Democrats did was sign it and they didn't care about the fine print. I agree Larry not switching topics report to the deficit. I -- elegant -- world news this morning because they'd get up all sort. You know what percentage. That there are actually attributable to this administration. According to the congressional budget. And that are -- legacy costs through -- under -- And -- or -- I'm sure that's my point there's 850 million dollars a year in a Medicaid -- he caught. I'm on two wars unfunded. When Obama made his arm. And I get or not it in book form either time but when he made his comment. -- that it was unpatriotic. He oh in the arm. It was unpatriotic. And running up these up as a and then write it caught the actual cost. Of these -- that you remember only these wars were not well. Also these wars were not added to the budget period they were all budget. -- right -- was Medicaid part state. So again you know what percentage will what the percentage up that current opposite is actually attributable. To this administration know. You continue to say that these double that well well well. National budget -- attribute less than one trillion dollars current. Programs and secured by the Obama administration. Well basically pat. When the Democrats say that the deficit. Eight billion or eight trillion dollar deficit was attributed to George Bush. I am speaking the same way the Democrats did. And saying that the current deficit is attributed to the president when the truth is an and I think you and I both agree and and noticed. It is congress. That under the law congress is the only body that's allowed to tax and spend money now the president. I would agree with you in in -- let me ask you this why do you think the Republican. Paul Ryan the budget -- Went to work so hard to make sure that we -- -- budget in place the next -- here. Is that the American public doesn't get up. And what were spending that we don't go through this crisis that forces them that. Build bridges to nowhere and billion dollar dredging project I'm reverse that yet no. Benefits of whom we as conservatives are standing up and -- -- I'd rather than have a two year budget -- I'd rather continue -- are -- going what he's continuing resolution. Figure it. Yet -- American public then has made only aware of what both. -- again and Chris Collins are spent. Yup -- there's there's no doubt I think pat that we are wasting. Billions of dollars on programs. That are totally unnecessary but. The people who are wasting the money out of people who have the right to vote on wasting that money to get reelected so they can vote on more waste it it's -- vicious cycle that is so frustrating. Though the way our government is really not working for the people pat I guess I gotta take a break -- I'd love to talk and -- but. I appreciate your time this morning and I enjoyed the conversation with it. 803 on 930 is our number at WV and a quick break on the sandy beach you know what Larry hunter will come back with -- AccuWeather. We'll go back to the phones and welcome -- who's been waiting quite a while -- -- waiting great. Hi Larry major rip -- spoke polar rightly pointed out. -- trillion dollar budget. That debt that you. Attribute that keep on attributing to. President Obama can be laid squarely at feet. What George Bush tax -- 2001 tax cut. -- -- To award that were taken off budget particularly -- trillion. That. It's not a trivial little bowl to President Obama. It's a direct result of those tax cut those warts those sports were taken off budget. And the American people were lied to about how much they really caught now we know how much they cost. So when you give tax breaks for the wealthy -- the corporation to start to war. This is the recall you did you get environment. You get you get AIG. -- -- -- -- -- And control being corrected now be the GDP is growing at four point 1%. President Obama cut the deficit in half the 680. Billion it was one point two. So. I don't know what -- complaining about Larry. I'm complaining about giving a private company like General Motors billions of dollars in them not paying it back but making a profit. I'm complaining about lying. About the affordable health care act and that'll save a family 2500 dollars a year. I'm -- lie about the deceit. I'm I'm lying about I'm complaining about the deceit and the lies in the fact that the difference now between the wealthy in the -- has been expanded under Obama's policies. Well the only Republican scrape through minimum wage so that the working poor have a decent. Has nothing to do with -- raising the minimum wage. Has nothing to do what it. Now it doesn't. Tell us through the minimum wage was not created. The minimum wage was not created to support a family of four it was created. To be a starting point. For those who do not have basically the ability. Or the talent or the education. To go out there and get a quality job. Well again I think the vast majority of people making minimum wager between 25 and 35 years. Not another now here's another nine. No they're not. And I -- again Larry you know we. We can't have a conversation if people -- Okay -- thank you then if we can have a conversation we can't have a conversation Richard in -- want a good morning. Yeah I very you don't like. Them blossom. I've been a conservative are probably out. Forty years on 65 years old. My favorite president Warsaw Ronald Reagan. And even George Bush the first. Now Wachovia. -- so this would George forces sector. RA his last four years and all of this -- seemed like everything worked well. He cruises the opposite. In our country. He. I've door remorse a warm spot gold. On for one reason I don't what he had to -- we saw that you reacted not -- weapons. You know commerce so that we yeah. Yeah what are let let's let's clarify something here Richard our government wasn't the only government that said they did. And it was a general consensus around. Europe and a number of other countries. That there was a problem. Obviously this is what the president was told now. Let let's let's be honest here there have been indications that Roosevelt was told the Pearl Harbor was going to be attacked. As well and and did nothing about it. No matter what the president is to hold if it ends up being not correct. I I I think you have to understand. Who's been a who's who is doing that telling. And where the information comes from if it ends up being fought it it's no different than a weather forecast -- let's let's be honest here of about this how many times. And we've been told that. That we're going to get to up to a foot of snow and we get two inches if it happens. We're told by a meteorologist. Who go to college and study. And they end up being wrong once in awhile and so does our our CIA and and Secret Service and intelligence. Companies from. All around the world we were given false information. If we were given the right information. Things might be a whole lot different but would we can't go back. I am I pleased with the war do I think it was the right thing no I I don't but. We can't go back we have to accept what wasn't and go forward. And at have we done a great job going forward you know I don't think we have and are we ever gonna resolve the problem. In the Middle East. No war where we're not we should get the hell out. I argue groups have those put. The only other thing they have to save areas. What is obamacare. But fortunately I'm delighted with the VAK. I believe that this Obama care's going to be. -- disaster. And I feel sorry for the people that lost her assurance. And I ought to make -- that I just don't want to know a lot on the revolt. On the other ball I don't why have a vote for a Democrat ever. And I'm sure the people -- it. -- order for him burst out and saying what do you need to do. In order to their country back in order again. Our Richard thank you very much yet a great new -- I hope -- we all do. I I don't like it when I hear someone say -- never voted for a Democrat. -- never voted for a Republican. You know I've always believed in -- vote for the person. -- because I I believe there are are good people out there from from all parties from all nationalities. From from all states. I mean let's let's give them out a little optimism. Two all of us that we all have good traits and can contribute. But in order to do that we also have to listen and and if you have tunnel vision and it's like you're always right in there are always wrong. But we're not going to grow and prosper as a nation. I believe had asked me what ideas I might have four the health care. And one of the ideas. And I thought about afterwards was you know being able to purchase -- policies. Outside your own state and I think a lot of people look I agree with that that could. Cut down on the cost and and improve health care but. Thank you for all the calls today have yourself -- a great Monday Rush Limbaugh next than Tom volley at three today I'm Larry hunter for sandy beach we'll talk to you tomorrow morning at nine.

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