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12-31 Larry Hunter Show Hour 1

Dec 31, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's away easily every time. Straight and 930. DE and thank goodness I still have -- -- in the dogs ready to come to work this morning no problem at all but boy. We had a little band of snow moved through here it was snowing about it -- an inch every fifteen minutes visibility was. About a hundred feet coming down parts of Maple -- this morning we were going about probably. 25 miles an hour maximum the speed limit there's 45. So if you find yourself in one of those snow bands this morning and it appears. That the strongest part of that band is just to the western part the far eastern part of northern Erie county. And the far western part of Genesee County so parts of the New York State -- now. East and west bound to the east of buffalo probably somewhere or a round exit 48 AD. Which is a Pembroke. You're going to be hit quite hard. In the next few minutes in that line of heavy it's snow band. Is all the way to the southwest along the state -- all the way down to a looks about Jamestown there or -- And please. I beg of you please. If you were all their driving this morning. And you're in one of the heavier snow bands turn your headlights on my goodness why would you be driving. With all the expectation of others being able to CU I I came in this morning. And there were two drivers one behind me and one coming toward me. That didn't have any headlights on and I thought to myself well the first for the popped in my head was idiot. But I a little common sense here first of all its New York State law. That if you are using your wipers consistently. Whether it's raining or snowing you're required to have your headlights on it may be a dumb rule but in this particular case. Why would you not want your headlights on so other vehicles can CU. I just don't understand that type of mentality I don't care how much of a hurry here in. If it's poor visibility get your headlights on. And the other thing that has been just doll fury -- me. For a long time now. Are those of view who have handicapped tags and think. You can leave them hanging from your mere. All the time. When it says right on the bottom of your blue or red handicapped tag removed from a mere. Before driving. It's an obstruction. Why would you have something hanging down blocking your visibility in your front window it's against the law. If if you have a friend neighbor but -- someone or happen to be right now and a vehicle. Would someone who has a handicapped tag. And they're leaving in the parking space and the tag is stealing from the mere. Rip what the heck out of there are rated if you as far as I'm concerned there should be in New York State law. That if you are driving. With your handicapped tag hanging from the -- your tag gets taken away period. Hey if if you're not Smart enough. To know that that tag is an obstruction if you're not Smart enough to read the bottom of the tag that says remove from a mere. When driving when vehicle was in motion if you're not Smart enough to understand that you shouldn't have -- You should not be allowed to have one and if that means you've got to walk a mile and a half to a store and -- your own damn fault. Get your handicapped tag out Bob -- window. If your vehicle is moving a pet peeve and happy new year to -- to -- What do you mean it it doesn't block your visibility. Really. All OK. Time I -- I would tend to differ. I would tend to differ. It says so right on the tag. Says get it out of the mayor before the vehicle moves. If you can't read you shouldn't have the tag. If you're not Smart enough to understand it's dangerous to drive with something blocking your visibility you shouldn't be allowed to have the tag. -- What's gonna happen in 2014. Well. I hope a heck of a lot better things ended in 2013 I can't wait to -- this year about this was a terrible year. I thought it was a lousy year -- that it was an awful -- the only good thing that happened this year is when I came to work here I got to work with some wonderful guys. What and that -- -- job and get it to new year for a yeah absolutely absolutely and you know I thought John might be real late today -- -- coming from Salamanca. Party and down. -- that it's an in joke vote but John did last. Ethnic ethnic. But down. I -- Will say I I met some nice people this year inmates in new friends but overall I thought when he thirteen. Was an absolutely. Terrible. Year and so we're going in the 2014 right things are gonna get better right. Wrong. Obama care. There's going to be a 2% tax on every health plan did you know that. Did you know that starting tomorrow your health plan gets taxed 2%. Did you know that there is a medical device tax starting tomorrow that's 2.3 percent. Did you know that their fees on insurers for plans sold on healthcare dot gov yes. Yeah they want you to go online. And then there's a 3.5. Percent fee. On the insurers. On healthcare dot you know. We got to read it to find out what's in it while you should read it before. Because the taxes. Are going to hit you in the medical profession. And it's not going to make anything better. There were basically. You keep taxing the medical industry and there's not going to be enough money left for research and development and then what happens. All the other countries move ahead of us and we fall behind in our health care. But. At least our president got to go to Hawaii again and relax. Okay. New light bulbs for next year. Are you into that. We are going to be losing our incandescent lightbulbs. And they are gonna be produced anymore. They can be sold until they're all gone so I'm going to take my van. And drive to a hardware store today and by what's left. Because I liked the sixty. And forty watt light bulbs. For a certain lights in my house. And I wanna make sure I have enough for the next 304050 years -- I'm probably gonna by about a hundred. Somebody's gonna head make -- good sales and hardware store is gonna make it good sale today. And of course the minimum wage increases starting tomorrow. So if the prices of a few things go up. You can thank New York State once again and the sad part is and and most people don't understand this they think that raising the minimum wage is a good thing because they they use. This. Ridiculous. Synopsis that. They're going to have more money to spend at local stores. Much crap. What do they go to the casino. And waste at all. How does that help our economy. What if they go out and spend it illegally what do they use it for a trip and go someplace else and spend the money instead of here. The stupidity. The analogy that people use sometimes. To promote their agenda. Is so annoying and sometimes really so embarrassing but what they don't tell you is when. This government raises the minimum age on businesses. It also raises taxes on businesses because businesses have to pay a percentage. Of what people make so the more someone makes them more business has to pay in taxes and who does that benefit not go over me. Hands. The ones who tell you that they're doing it for you move. I wish they would do a better job of teaching economics in schools today I really do. Where are we talking. About something that I think is extremely. Important. And very related to this time of year when we come back. And I hope you stick -- -- today and I hope you have got some questions for my guest. Because right and the year with a against we're gonna talk about driving. And more specifically. The W he's. And share what I think is some important information for you especially if you're going out tonight. And you plan on driving after the New Year's celebrations -- hope you stick with us. It's -- sandy beach you know it's the final sandy beach shell of the year. And unfortunately you're stuck with Larry hunter. Until noon but starting Tuesday said he will be back so we will start as a as a happy new year Chris Johnson. Is in charge today Andy's got some great music for us John is going to be taking your phone calls and then we have a special guests coming back. On the break from news radio 930 WB ENN. National Weather Service says a light snow warnings forced to talk plan kind of August counties will be in effect until 1 o'clock tomorrow morning. Also we have a lake snow advisory from northern Erie and Genesee counties and for southern fury and Wyoming counties AccuWeather. Well windy lake effect snow showers around three inches or so additional accumulations in the southern tier with a high of about 22. Tonight some flurries still some lake effect snow squalls continuing across southern tear down to about fourteen. Tomorrow cloudy still the chance of snow showers here they're mostly there. With the highest quality Thursday a high of thirteen and I don't even wanna tell you what the -- is sort of began Friday because. Let me put it this way. Dress warmer. Then your dressing today hit it it's now twenty degrees. In buffalo from news radio 930. WB again. I got in studio against John Sullivan John as the director of Erie county stopped DW my office I. Called John last week and asked him if he would be willing to come in on New Year's Eve. And talk to us about DW lie. And hopefully help you better understand. The rules and regulations because as we all know. Tonight is one of the biggest party celebration nights of the year. And over the years I think a lot of maturity has come about. When it comes to drinking and driving and partying on New Year's Eve for years and years it seemed that people went out and partied and drank. And then tried to get home. It is in some safe manner but then eventually they started putting packages together for people where you could go out to a restaurant. And there was a whole tell nearby or there was a hotel with a restaurant and they would. Open their ball -- have a festive occasion. And you get party favors and and be able to to -- can and stay at -- hotel. And and not have to worry about the consequences of too much alcohol. Because to me. One of the biggest problems about people who drink alcohol especially excessively. Is the mentality of I can handle that I've done it for years. It doesn't affect me like it does others. And that's the type of mentality that kills people as far as I'm concerned. And again unfortunately. It seems that wants. A family member or friend a relative. Has been involved in a DW I accident. Or fatality that's when all of a sudden the realization. Hits you. But the realization. Should hit you as soon as you become old enough to drink. The word that I associate with drinking alcohol is responsible. And you begin to hear that word a little bit more now. On some radio and and TV commercials when it comes to drinking with wine commercials or. Commercials four. Places that sell alcohol and and beer commercials. And I think we have as a society. Begun to become more responsible how ever it's an educational ongoing process. As more and more young people turn 21. And are able to drink legally. John as director of Erie county stopped DWI office. What is your general responsibility. As the person in charge of that office what do you and that office try to do. Thank you -- Larry the the Erie county stopped in the -- office is charged with coordinating drinking and driving prevention efforts. In Erie county we coordinate. With police officers and and police departments to do sobriety checkpoints. We coordinate. The Probation Department. Supervision of chronic offenders nets from one of the change that's happened over the years. And we just do -- to -- -- in charge of doing the general deterrence. For DW -- and that's what New York's model is based on. I do you work we have people out of Albany. When there are proposals in the legislature or by. Elected officials as to. Whether or not the penalty. Is a sufficient or strong enough. Or whether or not. The rule or regulation will be difficult to enforce it -- do you also work with -- other. Departments are counties within the states. If there's an office like mine in in every county in New York so there 62 offices. And each one of us has the same charge which is to run the general deterrence model which is to. -- -- In for so -- swift sure punishment for for DW -- and and publicize those efforts to -- it. -- others and that is important too because even though I think the majority of Americans understand that drinking and driving. Is against the law when you've had too much to drink and that it is dangerous. We still I think need to work with educating people. On alcohol. And driving and the way it could affect your life for years and years to count. I imagine. Just being involved with the DW I accident. And it was your fault and you took the life of of a child imagine trying to live with that the rest of your life. It's going to haunt you constantly. Every time you see a child every time you hear about an accident. We don't need that type of thing in our lives yet it still happens every single. Day and so this morning I wanna open up the line so you do have the opportunity to ask questions if you have a concern or a suggestion. When it comes to the problems of DW I if you've been involved with the DW I citation. The process you had to go through. Whatever is related to safety on the highway and alcohol consumption. I thought it would be beneficial to all of us to help better understand. What is what isn't what you can what you should not. And the penalties -- so feel free to give us a call at any time this morning 8030930. Will be our number. Start 930 is a free call on yourself if you're outside the local calling area. 1806169236. Is our number. And again if you have any questions or concerns. Which we'd like to hear from you. If you've been involved with any kind of of DW I. Accident I'd also love to hear from you this morning John will be with us throughout the morning hours as we discuss. DW I and highway safety when it comes to alcohol. Now John you've been involved with this for how long 25 years is a -- is a grant writer many years ago. -- the traffic safety area and eventually moved into the deep in the on prevention side -- now a very very serious question I have to ask immediately when I say that people know I'm being sarcastic. Do all your friends call you up before New Year's Eve and -- John when you drive us tonight. It's a freak her request and I'm I'm very popular parties at the -- it -- start taking your calls questions thoughts and ideas. After we take a break and we have a lot more to discuss. With John Sullivan this morning the director of Erie county's stop DWI office it's the sandy beach show for 2013. I'm Larry hunter on this New Year's -- good morning -- It's about 930. Well it already is new year in Australia now. -- Makes it's not man it's mate in Australia. Teammate. It's. I think it's new years already and Australia's Sydney has been blowing off by fireworks and and celebrating and having a good time. And we're hoping that you will do that as well this New Year's Eve but we're asking. That you do it responsibly. When it comes to alcohol and that's why I have John Sullivan. In studio with me John is the director of Erie county stop DO WI office. And we're hoping to kind of educate you and allow you to answer some questions if you have some concerns about the rules and regulations. Of DW lie in New York State they welcome to give us a call at 8030930. Star 930 is also a free call. On your cell I've got to bill on the line and though let's hear from him this morning good morning bill. There are more jobs are great topic timely topic. Just a couple quick comments and ominous sign off one of which is I -- needs to be edit responsibilities Burton. I'm good establishments said this about alcohol. Mostly by way you know law. Repetition reminder so patrons. I don't -- fine in place but. I don't know how effective data is effectively. All much like the prostitute. Job and things. I think an -- but he. -- system convicted of these WI. Buckshot at face and name should be and the people -- or something. If you. Then he's ever been involved or had a problem with a friend or relative who was involved was DW I accident. There it's actually not no -- not bullets. I drive and often IC and off and yeah. It is a bit ammunition night I'm in bars and early. Setting up NIC help people law. Progressively worse during the course of the night -- the elegant observer position and it's been -- so crazy. Growing up by you remember movies like animal house which which I think is still. A very funny. Well done movie but. There are so many movies that seem to make. Fonda. Of alcohol consumption. Grammar that Citic Dick glamorize the whole schtick will -- -- without portraying the consequences you're absolutely right. And LeRoy. That is something that seems to have changed up a little bit over the years which which I'm glad about because. I remember at times when I was in my twenties. And yes they they did have cars and planes back back and. General. But I remember when it was almost. Forty some times when a friend that dropped an end spelled out well. Each are you -- notre it was hysterical. And I think as a society we've gotten to the point where it at least we've turned the corner a little bit. On that attitude. And realize that that it's not funny because not only can alcohol be a problem if you're driving. But it can kill you. Good point yes and a highly publicized. Correspondent thing and things like that it has that the an eye opener for a lot of people I would I would hope it would graduate. Unnecessary things happen. What is it could be a good many maybe. Maybe people like Koppel more that's all I've got a letter that I wish you guys that are very scary and job like you put in the good. Thank you -- have you thank you bill happy new year here. Appreciate the call here at WB Ian -- element might in studio guest just. Let me go to something that bill had just mentioned about and that is the responsibility. Of the bar or or restaurant owners. How has that changed over the years and and how much of responsibility. Do they have. Right but there's a responsibility all along the chain from the producer to the distributor to the retail seller either on premise or off premise seller. And the consumers themselves and so there's responsibility all along the chain. There are standards for good alcohol practice and there is some sort of seeing some change these indeed. Practices of and not having ladies -- certain country can drown those sorts of things that encourage consumption high consumption. And down and so they're trying to put these practices in in place. To remind people that there's a responsible way to consume alcohol. Now -- Heard it instances where someone has been involved with DW lives. And there's been injuries or fatalities. And the establishment. Where they sold the alcohol. It is being sued. What bothers me about that is. Even if I -- under Bob Barr. And I was working there say in the evening when we were open and selling alcohol. And I had four other people working at the bar with me. How do IAE. Tell. If someone. Has had too much to drink or how can I prevent it if their friend. Keeps going to the bar. And buying them alcohol and I never see that person. Right so this the standards are very high and it's a very difficult management problem for for sellers of alcohol. On as far as I know the that there's a criminal. Aspect there's two systems that work think usually end up on the civil side of of -- case they serve some -- intoxication they leave that establishment. And go out and cause a crash hurt someone. On there in the chain of responsibility. So. They're they're aren't training courses that are given -- for bartenders to spot accused of intoxication. They'd like to consumers also have to start counting. And being aware of the consumption going on tape. Bring out the six drink to to a patron in in the first hour and that's probably not a good alcohol practice. And -- manager of that establishment and the bartender themselves. Not do have some responsibility. To make sure that that doesn't happen. One of my concerns is the person who has a tendency to consume too much alcohol. They also learn the tricks of the trade for example. You have a waitress who maybe has brought you three drinks in an hour and she goes on a break. And there's a new waitress. And so this -- says OK now she doesn't know how much I've had. Or he doesn't know how much I've had so now I'm gonna order two or three more before the other one comes back. People know how to get around the system a little bit and it and it really is difficult. For the restaurant or bar owners to be aware of what some people are trying to get away with. But since that's true and the last part of that change is the the responsibility of the consumer themselves so on the last a decision about whether it to drive after drinking. Rests with the with the consumer of the alcohol. And so they get those consequence or special consequences for them both criminal and civil. If they hurt somebody in a crash or drive on the road and -- detected by an officer. Our -- to be talking about some of the laws in New York State about DW -- this morning and we're also going to be talking to you and taking your calls I have a gentleman. Online now who had a DWI so. I'm curious to hear about that and we'll do that when we come back on the sandy beach show would Larry hunter from news radio 930 WBE end. But the National Weather Service as we got a late Smith you feel like it's no warning I've been so used to saint lake effect snow. It's a late snow warning fortune talk planned that rob is counties that'll be in effect until 1 o'clock tomorrow morning or next year whichever you prefer. Play on words there. Also we have a lake effect snow advisory for northern Erie and Genesee counties and force other areas like -- Counties now -- AccuWeather forecast says lake effect snow showers. Couldn't get around three inches of course more in persistent. Snow band areas with a high today of about 22. Some flurries lake effect snow squalls tonight continued in the southern tier with a low of about fourteen. Tomorrow high of money. Thursday a high of thirteen. And you're gonna have to wait till Friday because I don't wanna tell you how cold it's going to be on Friday that let's put it this way. Most of the long range forecasts I've seen the -- on Friday. Is a single digit is that cold enough for yet publicly is it ha ha. Hope you got some war Mitt teams for Christmas if not I would head out to the ski shop and get yourself a good -- you know years ago just quickly off topic I used to go to department stores and and this is no blame on on department stores but I would buy those kind of cotton globs. That when they got wet they soak through and and they may be last year but I only paid like. 67810. Dollars for him and when I became a skier. -- -- I apparent scheme written as one year and they were like thirty dollars and like are you kidding me holy -- on spending. Those -- in his last me about ten years which means it costs three dollars a year and it kept my hands warm and dry and so ever since then. I have always. Been comfortable spending more money on good winter ski gloves because they keep my hands warm. And and when you're out there. Those of you snowmobile I'm sure you understand what I'm saying a good pair of mittens or gloves. It's well worth the money because they'll last forever and the keep your hands warm. And I like warm hands I'm just. One of those guys. Page we've got another call this morning not on the line and by the way if you wanna call and talk about it DW I problem you've had and not say your name if you wanna use your initials instead. Please feel comfortable doing so we're not here to offend you or embarrass you. On the radio OK Anthony good morning Tia. Here thank you very much and -- guys wanted -- to. I totally understand the responsibility take -- that you rightfully understand. However. There's a lot to it right it is a lot of bogus and he needs to be making -- -- crunch made things make money and the reason it's as -- Last year -- almost. I would my girlfriend's house we are so kids or -- -- dad. Aren't right and I'll -- is a romantic date sort of critical. Slop over don't get a phone call on the overnight -- -- -- tomorrow. Okay now I don't get up and they like that are not coconut drink. I got -- -- a lot of -- What did get pulled over it was speaking did -- -- time -- you explain the officer -- happened to Carolina. And I've got to worry about an -- -- There's going to be some insist on that this year I -- responsible for but I mean look who thought of what you thought he got up. You know they've all you know what I did have -- I've left. It shouldn't drive and the other thing there wanna focus on is police officers. I think our outlook or fire I do a lot of police said Billups or not not -- police however. Like that in their breathalyzer tests done every time they get your vehicle. Because if you go to sleep they're recording like I needed in -- that I gave you to sleep it off its soldiers system. And there to get vehicles and pull you over for something that I did and you don't see him saying. I critical I do I do and I've never heard that before and I don't have a problem -- Anthony I I think that's a very reasonable. Suggestion. I kinda like it I don't know. What type of leeway it would have in the legislature but I think -- years thought process is. It's bad enough that we have people out there. Driving with too much alcohol in their system. Let's make sure that those who are enforcing the law while their working. Are also. A 100% capable of of doing so and are not having any outside influence that. I think that's reasonable I don't think it's that would be offensive to to most police officers what do you think John. Well I think there's. -- driving while intoxicated is a bad idea for everyone. And so to keep track of your consumption. And this caller has said you know just because you go to bed. And get up in the morning and have corn flakes or take a shower it does mean the alcohol on from your system. Gonna have to think ahead and and measure encounter consumption. So that you can meet your responsibilities. I you know at that AI I would even expand that idea to. Airplane pilots. Absolutely. You'll you know all that you know the old saying hey. We are. So easily for two hours you wake up you're in an -- -- deep Beers. It's still there and toward -- thing is likely that while -- they're just -- DW I. Might have been drinking and more secret entry in the morning got Batman and went to work. OK it is mindset is I drank and slept properly then yeah it started six -- So who was my point is reduced our -- -- for the VW art book and walk don't want another -- I learned my lesson I will admit there. But what I -- it for one it wasn't hurting it with 21 year old girls -- a good time I was sleeping. And I got up real fast I drove faster at apple over dole. And I just think it's a good point to make everybody would you go to sleep at night at three -- virtual or get up more people work school or college. Just remembered so well all your system. So. You know -- the police officers should do that because trust me. No healthy opposition are dirt -- whites are just 20 you me or anybody else -- panic during good. So. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Again I I think that could -- be expanded to an airplane pilots. And maybe even doctors before they perform surgery I am I mean an -- Exactly yeah it could be Anthony thanks for your time I appreciate your honesty this morning on on WB and a Johnny brings up a very good point there and you know I mean -- could be a little bit about a slippery slope. But. In say a doctor has been out party and gets called into a hospital for an emergency surgery. And he's been drinking. Right I mean do you really. Want to allow hinted to do the surgery if his blood alcohol content is. Say you know any inappropriate. Again a slippery slope -- -- I think it brings a strong point. Yeah of course not tell you wouldn't want that to happen but it brings up one of the the most important points is that we we really need to an educator -- on. How alcohol accumulates in the blood and how long how much time it takes to come out your body only removes one drink every hour. So you've had eight drinks it will be eight hours before. You'll have no alcohol in your system so if we can keep track of accounting measure our drinks. I know exactly how much alcohol we had we can estimate when it be safe Preston tick up by our our responsibilities. Great good information let's go back to the lines -- welcome mark to the program mark good morning. Good morning and happy new year few people thank you thank you for that is the lesson to be or I would it will be warm year. Kamal that I got replica BW guys don't want that I have. And -- -- to the -- collider -- blew. State limit three times. There it was and it was excessively high my power was through the blue air and allow the court street with a party. And and thank god I didn't get an accident or public health or anybody else officer. Save my life basically it's my life. And I went through all the years he's the -- all time all my friends have DWIs and I used to say you know I'm never gonna get one. And and it it it was five minutes I went to a bar was in the afternoon I was celebrating new years day. And dark it was five minutes after about that are is we're right up all over. Air and and and -- -- for your listeners to it's important it is deduct. Poignantly it affects people differently to -- or you go to. Arm for me. That -- He he he didn't put me that he intended to jail. Which is good. But I get -- go to rehab. Mark I can I ask it up a stick with me I got up a break here for news but I'd love to talk you -- can you hold. Are at stake stick with us and welcome back on the sandy beach -- -- Larry hunter who's ready -- -- thirty WBE and.

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