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12-31 Larry Hunter Show Hour 2

Dec 31, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Easily easily every time. It's 930. DE and thank you Chris Johnson welcome back to our New Year's Eve program for 2013. Said he will be back com. Thursday morning at 9 AM right here on WB in -- in studio guest is John Sullivan John as the director of the era county stop DWI office. This being New Year's Eve were talking about DW by the rules and regulations and that we're taking your calls if you have questions or comments concerning. The DW I problems on our highway today if you had a DW I. You'd like to talk about it but you don't want to give your name if you wanna just give your initials that's fine we're not here to embarrass you were not here to judge you. We're here to discuss a topic. All the importance not just to use the driver but to the passengers and to the pedestrians along our highways. Where sometimes unfortunately. Fatalities -- occur we're gonna go back to the lines -- welcome mark back to the program hi mark thanks for waiting. There are no problem on just to recap now will be born here and receiver for air -- WI. On the most important part of all of this is my punishment. On the center court in jail do rehab. Well I went to a state facility for that and and it was the -- reporter that I had to be involved in and and then everything would fall apart at the and thought if not everything that I would have -- recorded jail on -- buying. On the court was 14100 dollar and I had eight months the -- that. The other thing too was and now the New York State for remote vehicle. Has their own thing where my license was suspended for six months that's -- given you can't get out of that. Well the drug use that I had a good attorney and when everything we're court arm. It was brought up to -- awful are inactive another year and perhaps suspension on how the back. -- -- now here it is not true years I cannot driver of the local I'm very fortunate that my -- the are one of the people escape and the album the power. -- you know it -- vary from individual to individual and I don't know that because it was my first time but I wasn't gonna that there argue about it. I was I'm so granted a conditional license on the State of New York. All but I I opted out of there because it you have to have the ignition our systems are installed in your vehicle. And you can only drive to and from war or whatever and dog. Sort like -- so I I opted not to bad I ended up after themselves might -- call. That people of the fine. -- And then of course I don't have a a driver like of the court took it away from me and he. -- -- I think one of the most important things to it like that I didn't hurt anybody I critical myself. It is a way I I actually idea. Arm. Market -- I can just interject for a second you said you have to pay a 14100 dollar fine you also had to pay attorney fees correct. Yup I did and I kept and they get a very good attorney at a reasonable. Weary soul why I was lucky I enemy a lot of phone call. -- but I. It wasn't an unacceptable most people usually have to pay for I was very very very fortunate to get -- turn that I got. So basically you're admitting. That a DW I can cost thousands of dollars let alone. Additional problems such as losing you your license. -- John let me just ask John Sullivan and studio with me. How expensive can DW I charge become jobs and did the typical DW I charge results in about 101000 dollars. Financial burden the fine is one thing fines can run between 3101000. Dollars for precipitous. We don't repeat offenders. Then there's the attorney fees. The DMV fees for maintaining your license if you choose to maintain a license process. And then finally the the biggest chunk of money comes from not insuring your vehicle after a DW -- -- insurance company finds out to that you've you've had a DW I. They blame he was a risky driver. They drop you and in New York State risk pool. And for the next three to five years you can expect your insurance to triple. So that's about 4500. Dollars an extra expense just for maintaining vehicle that you had prior to the DW -- So all told about 101000 dollars an average of mark did you get off financially a little bit more comfortable than that. Yes I did actually -- got off I'd say well over 50% of there I it had contacted my insurance company. My you rate would have only gone up eighty dollars a month. I've been driving it since I was fifteen year old that's almost a thousand dollars a year. Sure it's in in an -- have a great I have a great job and now. I I I asked financially IE I didn't importantly. That I get a bit of money but I have a good job where I can -- of order that armed. That it does say about the New York State and a lot of people because armed John in nineteen it's two orders that the dollar a year for three years but you have to pay down. It all soul which I did not know that they require you to go to a program I'd get -- at least seven times. For you Oliver. -- horrible longs for -- But you have to do there. And I never knew that honestly I never. And but for the people -- you know it might cost them more. You know it and it just happened either count that I got caught it. That's the way it worked out. Market view. Taken the opportunity to speak to friends or family about this and encourage them to be a little bit more aware of the problems of VW life. I'm forcing my hair out and -- I never got ridiculed before. I got my VW -- -- -- kindergarten until that happened. And nobody on the basis -- it has ever let me let me forget. I'm I'm reminded about it all but -- And it was and I have it in effect you don't like apple over which is important I'm more like apple write or edit defect in my car. Bomb. It and and I got spotted or it wasn't like I was weighing in swerving and anything like that. And the another important thing you want would -- -- or -- you out if I was pretty public aren't what -- I I had -- server and I told him how much in. You know how long that would therefore. And this is the day there this is New Year's Day this will be -- your efforts now. -- -- Are they you know -- and -- -- the afternoon just like today in fact a whether it was just like that and I was going flawed only that but it was going to speed limit. And he just knows that you thought in my car and everything that was. You know but it it is important for your listeners from Novo if you people over -- I hope they don't. But if you do you gotta be honest with them because the minute light you'll. They're gonna have more call. You know and -- There's not all of a little bit of honesty. Because they understand Q you know they just -- one of the underworld that you've got to be I could probably harder you know hurt someone. Air and thank god that I get. Well mark I appreciate your honesty this morning that obviously you. Learned a lesson a very difficult way but maybe your comments this morning. Well help us someone listening today to be a little bit more responsible you have a great new year mark thank you very much are you can take -- 8030930. Is our number at WBE and start lying thirtieth free call on yourself. John Sullivan my guest in studio he is the director of Erie county stopped at DWI. Office. And we're talking about. Drunk driving and today certainly is an appropriate time to do so and educate you on the rules and regulations and laws concerning driving while impaired driving while intoxicated there is a difference and will explain that. When we come back on news radio 930 WB EN. National Weather Service as a lake effect snow warning is that a fact fortune top line kept -- counties until 1 o'clock tomorrow morning. Also we have a -- snow advisory for northern and southern Erie Wyoming and Genesee counties AccuWeather. Says lake effect snow showers accumulating around three inches. Up to six inches in the southern tier as that system moves a little -- -- high today 22. Some lake effect snow overnight as well mainly in the southern tier with a low fourteen. And then each day for the next three or four days it's going to get colder high tomorrow -- Hi Thursday thirteen. And high Friday you really don't wanna know just -- don't -- there today I don't want it. You know depress the thoughts of the new year but it's going to be cold. With a capital K. The -- effect. The sad part is there's there's probably somebody who's going to buffalo public school who thinks you do -- with a case. John Sullivan is my guest in studio this morning on the sandy beach show would Larry hunter. He is direct director of Erie county stop DWY office. We're talking about DW I in the problem with driving. While intoxication. Intoxicated. This New Year's Eve let's go back to the callers. I've got Rick and we feel Rick thanks for holding up this morning. Brian embittered Syria thank you very much. Like that they nobody everybody pretty much know you can drink one drink an hour and you would be okay. But if you're going to house party or wedding they're going way more up on a normal mixed drink. They knew what and home probably -- so I go out so have a beer. And I know that appeared always consistent and I know that I can drink one beer an hour and I'm -- -- you'll -- -- pretty much have the same alcohol contents. Well then in the Beers don't but a standard -- like the caller says is is twelve ounces that's considered one drink. And he makes a really good point if you're not making your own drinks in your drinking mixed drinks there's no way you know how much alcohol you've had and you can't estimate which you BAC's. So if you're gonna make you're gonna have mixed drinks please a measure and count and make them yourself and your BAC is your blood alcohol contents. Right and he's right about the one drink per hour generally for a man you're BAC will -- point 02. For every drink and in a woman -- point 03. For every drink and then everybody remote points or two for every hour so you can that there wondering -- hours of very good guideline. Don excuse me or Rick have you been a designated. -- -- -- Yes the number of friends that fortunately never had a VW -- -- and my friends know I'm very sensible. And it stuck -- before but it out so go out and might stick. That -- an hour with a beer I am I know I'm not getting -- -- drink and I know I'll be updated right. K great appreciate your call accurate. Before we took the break we have discussed. The difference between driving while impaired and driving while intoxicated job. What is the difference in in most states they have it and DUI. Statute which is driving under the influence in New York we have a two tiered system driving while impaired. Which -- point 06%. And driving while intoxicated. Just point 08 impaired and intoxicated sounds like the same thing but a legally they are out there are different. And impaired is considered the lesser of the two year less drunk while driving and intoxicated is the higher. One important aspect of the impaired conviction is that it's not a crime. The driving while intoxicated a higher standard in New York. Is is considered crimes you if you are convicted of driving while intoxicated. He is a criminal record. And and you have that that record over the years. That DW a high standard has been decreased how far has it come down from years ago when let's say. I was wrong right it started out -- point 10. And there was a lot of research that showed that there are significant impairment that point 08. And so the standard has has been made more strict over the years. And that's kind of shown that in the typical. Blood alcohol concentration of a typical drunken driver. The drunken drivers used to be about point 19 was the average for a a -- drunk driver back in the early eighties when. -- New York criminalized DW I. Today in Erie county at least it's a point 134. So the drunk drivers are less companies to -- The point 08 driving while intoxicated. Is that standard throughout the country or does it different differ in states he -- actually New York has the lowest illegal blood alcohol standard and by using the driving while impaired stature in the lower to two. Nationally it's -- points 08 it's a national standard. And they do that and the states still have the ability to set the standard and whatever they'd like. But there's some federal funding that's associated with setting and -- early some all states have settled that at points here only for now. Let's go back to the lines -- welcome -- that the program this morning down thank you for calling. I equate your guys are you morning. Ordered all have a question -- I racially. Back in October actually my wife's birthday. I got. Get pulled over and I was arrested. And I got you charged with driving while the ability paired. And I I just went. And some early December. And because they do get the blood back yet -- quality. And everything is just our hold and just wonder what I can expect. I'd sit and there's nothing illegal it's so much description medication that they had two back surgeries. I don't overtake though and I you know I passed every test that -- willingly gave my blood -- -- -- you maverick thing I was let go on my own with Cognos says I guess but I. I -- just don't know what I'm going to expect I. It's there's not there's no illicit drugs -- not tonight I just really don't know what to do at this point and having a military background. I mean I got so bad but really bad and I mean I you know I didn't. Bill that was under any influence I mean I've been taking medicine's -- pushed arm -- partially due to the two back surgeries. I've been taking it sends march this year. Yeah I just don't know what that I've never been arrested I've never been in trouble. That -- -- it was like nothing. Don. Don what was the other medication. That -- It was hydra -- don't. That was done because of the back pain in the surgery unfortunately. Disaster at the VA is one -- and and force I don't allow large box. Last -- 440. 9643. Guy now highway hundreds of but I used real forward on one. I just I don't know I got to no I want my dock at quarter after this race I mean now. Vacation. Not even -- -- want to go I have argued that this. -- -- This year alone. I just don't know that and I'm scared. So basically you were ticketed for driving while impaired -- not to DW -- Yeah DW I driving Lyle. Under the influence OK so let's so let's find out what does John has to say here's a done a personal thank you your service. The I think at the statue down under which you were charged without into the specifics of the case on the driving while impaired by drugs. It's the same charge the same level of charges driving while intoxicated so it is a criminal charge. Depending on how the what the blood level. Of the substance -- it comes back from the test. It's a really important point for people to remember prescription drugs as litter there are literally hundreds of substances. It's illegal to have them in your blood and drive. If we don't have to doesn't have to make you impaired as a driver. It does have some. Ability diminish -- your functioning as a driver. So should really read those other bottles they have little stickers on them and that says don't drive a vehicle afterwards it's one of those substances. That'll take down or do you wanna stick with a -- you have a break coming up here. I I wanted to know more what do I. Need to get any idea what what are. I -- all right stick with personal and welcome back with the -- ready at 930 WB EN. Welcome back to the sandy beach New Year's Eve show Larry -- sitting in today hope you're having done a great day and have a wonderful time tonight and in doing so. We're hoping that you will consume alcohol responsibly that's why -- John Sullivan in studio with me John as the director of the Erie county's stop DWI. Office. And we're taking your calls at 8030930. Star 930 is a free call on yourself if you have questions or concerns are you wanna share. And DW I experience -- this as Don has done let's go back and and say hi to done. And I was John able to answer some your questions altered done. Yes sir I'd just wanted to know if he had an idea what I can expect in in January in -- early January about it can be exact. I'm going and I just. I just wonder what I can expect and how long in -- what's gonna have and are any idea because. -- -- that never -- in trouble a lot of members you know I have a decent job just. Good better yet. Good job I'm just worried that I'm gonna lose my relations from -- lose everything and I. Not like except I know I never drug -- so strong are under the influence very thing and this is first time ever I'm. Don't know what to do. For those of you who just joined us Dunn was pulled over and given a summons because he was under the influence but it was. Drugs right and the drug Don was. -- It was -- -- -- So. It's not just alcohol. You can be under the influence of a legal drug and have a prescription but as. John indicated I'm having a tough time here went down and -- It's like Huey Dewey and -- but. John and it indicated before when you get a prescription. They do have this little strips on the bottle many of time that that says. Do not drive. When under the influence of this drug -- not drive. Three -- four until three or four hours after you you've taken this or whatever and and John would you expand on that a little bit for. Please share. The what what to expect done with here which are cases so many variables certainly get to -- a lawyer to represent you and in and walk through that process with you. But the new York public health -- lists literally hundreds of substances which are illegal to have in your blood when you drive. So. If you ever get the prescription one rule of thumb is if you get a prescription please talk to the pharmacist and ask them if this particular substance is part of the public health law it's 3306. Is the public health law you can. Go online you can look. And see exactly what those substances are in the update that list. Regularly. And terms of what to expect. If if you were -- in him to have a typical experience for someone arrested for driving while intoxicated. Under the effects of alcohol. -- -- typical cost is about 101000 dollars and in fees inn and insurance hikes. In other constantly going to the court system. -- and then there's going to be a conditional license. You qualify for conditional license and he'll attend the drinking driver program which is a seven week course. That allows you to qualify for conditional license -- drive to and from work. To and from my medical appointments -- child care those sorts of things. And gusting at 33 hours of a three time on the weekends. To drive. Thank you guys hit it quite well. That's what we will be -- my -- well. All right John thank you for your time this morning on WBE and it's gonna get -- be the next few days we'll share that AccuWeather forecast for you in just a few minutes but if you're going out today tomorrow Friday. Whatever make sure you you bundle up and of course we do have some lake snow advisories and we'll share that when you. In just a few minutes on news radio 930 WB EM Larry -- in for sandy beach today. On this New Year's Eve and we're going to talk to Jason in Orchard Park according to -- Jason. Going fine because were were sober and we're trying to keep others. Safe this holiday season. As I know I'm like -- that DUI laws. Affect you going into Canada. -- Team that's a super question and it's important to us I'm in buffalo and in the northern now part of New York. The the law in nineteen -- prohibits entry to Canada for ten years. After DW -- In Canada makes no distinction between driving while impaired. Which is the lower church in new York and driving while intoxicated. So it's ten years. And then -- you're allowed entrance into Canada. There is a process after five years. Where you can apply for temporary residence permit. -- Another method of entering their but it's not something you can do it the bridge on that day after applying it to you know down on the forms online. And and make an application to the Canadian government. John is that as a driver only or is that as a passenger as well it's it's as -- passengers well certainly as a driver but to even if you're a passenger in and -- and also -- that applies to you as well. And does that answer your question Jason. I have another question about I could I possibly. Our simulations years ago. 2008. The breathalyzer test. My -- do you. And I haven't applied. From our license again. I'm wondering if today is because. I know what happened back then. The third DW I would you would fall under a new low which was passed in 2013. Which does a 25 year look back. They're looking for drivers and it had a long history of that driving doesn't have to be -- on the -- can be speeding drag racing all kinds of other other. Aspects. My recommendation is to go and and apply. For the out for the license they will do that look back. And you know if you're record's been clean for a for a period of time and certainly in discretionary call. For the Department of Motor Vehicles but. The first step is to actually make that process or go online and read the the qualifications for room. For application. It you're welcome Jason thank you for your time this morning on news radio 930 WB -- John Sullivan the director of Erie county -- DW lives in studio with us taking your. Questions and I am Larry hunter filling in for sandy beach on this New Year's -- we'll take a quick break and come back with -- more of your calls. National Weather Service says there's a lake snow warning -- talk line -- rockets counties in effect until 1 o'clock tomorrow morning. Also we have a lake snow advisory for Erie county and Genesee counties. And -- it -- mean -- counties AccuWeather says lake effect snow showers today around three inches or so. Could get up six inches in the southern tier with a high yield -- 22. Flurries tonight maybe a few snow squalls as well mainly in the southern tear down to about fourteen. Tomorrow high of twenty Thursday a high of thirteen and Friday it's just going to be downright cold. It is 22 degrees in buffalo from news radio 930. WB EMI in studio guest today is John Sullivan John thank you for coming in on. -- New Year's Eve John is the director of the Erie county stopped DWI. Office. And we're discussing the problems of DWI or driving while impaired as well. And also helping to educate view of the rules regulations the law. And we're taking your calls if you've been involved with -- ATW. You were. Your sharing your experiences with us which we really appreciate and again if you have a DW -- experience. And you'd like to discuss it but you don't wanna give your name if you just wanna give your initials. That's fine we're not here to judge you warm -- year we're here to help educate today and make the public more aware of the rules regulations the laws. And the process. That -- in you may incur if you are pulled over and given a ticket let's go to Clarence Centre and we welcome Bob to the program this morning hi Bob. -- -- -- Last time I saw you was that the general memorial at the -- polluters who withdrew when did you. All my goodness. The thirteen years ago I -- You were gentlemen gentlemen island -- reader here. -- cowboys that you may not like I say you know trying these -- in -- the pot with a very animated about this. When I hear the government bureaucrat you're sitting PX. Having people cower in fear of paying 101000 dollars being thrown in jail so -- arbitrary -- -- laws that are. So what's -- -- -- variable. One minute one minute you're drunk at what point 101 of your drunken point eight that you dropped a point six in all these threats and so forth. As a libertarian as a 69 year old American. I really offended that this government intrusions is affecting. A talent cultural activity. Drinking it bark at every corner every bark -- -- we -- know people drink there's a big difference between. The totally out of control drinking is so important in in a routine drinking and -- routine injury and that one -- -- -- Everybody's going to be okay but -- technically fall within the parameters of the government. I'll have your money schools being preinstalled for good -- really object to this. Particular activity which has been but targeted because of the profit -- People eat hamburgers it's. It would look again -- -- it all kind of dangerous activities that occur. The American. Necessarily targeted it is it alcohol is in because -- also ubiquitous and drinking so culturally ubiquitous disintegrate money grab. So he's crooked politicians are going to -- I guess -- think it's been using that fail. The -- safety as an excuse to steal money from people like -- appreciate students at the event that's because. I think this is really just a real. She you know. Well Bob Bobby are -- -- -- and I appreciate your your thoughts and comments and as I have. Tried to over the years I try to allow people to get to speak and and share their thoughts honestly whether I agree or disagree about. Let me also play a little devil's advocate here not on an island for the sake of John or towns and municipalities that. They do makes him money off of this problem. But what about the freedom that is taken away from the person who is disfigured her dismembered or or killed. By -- DWI driver. It very speak that I will. When you make an isolated example of course it sounds tragic -- court put an attorney would do but when you take. Statistically. Accident -- a time where there's alcohol aren't about to I'd say it yeah alcoholic necessarily qualitative. In not just. A -- It has really been proven they're of course there's some of physiological studies that show that there's been some impairment but did. The percentage. Of accidents caused by DW I vs hamburgers are -- paying attention or listen to WP -- battery Il it's ever been demonstrated just been. Arbitrarily picked out yet. Because there's so physiological -- difference that this is that this is such a yacht. Salient. Gary to attack. So what are we going to give the sob story that happened but sub stories -- -- -- -- -- look -- -- yesterday two people killed are sort of -- down. I -- did you tell them that they don't call it the Apatow speed may be involved but. Get a car was -- -- what it is. That car I believe was was split in half if you're talking about the accident I was sent referring to. The but the other thing about -- to understand and accept. And it is that driving is not a right if it is a privilege and it is licensed and and their four. There has to be some kind of rules and regulations within the licensing no different. Then any restaurant. That sells all alcohol has to be licensed to do so as well. I understand that you agree -- get that. Are we should be regulating hamburger and about lipstick on embryos in yeah some -- -- Hamburgers I've had you shouldn't that shouldn't be quite slip that. He hit it I think it's. A little bit hyperbolic here just to prove the point yet there are other activities that are more quality of the accident but he called it is because. Did you think that -- I anticipated. Caller. Did occur so elected just. Point alcohol out. What do I mean well actually I would deny the reality there's -- every corner in every state of the union everybody drinks the to the cultural. The commonality of drinking is so prevalent. That depicted saudis that it's a totally cultural say don't it's impossible to be and its culture. And got it all the -- and are being dictated in being produced out like one point five and so forth so what it really adds in the should admit -- Government -- here's how to make six figures. -- -- -- reluctantly does everyday which have a child is that you know I think it's really just to get money. 101000 dollars you freedom to take away a sure you're. Good point to argue that you one point two. Whatever it's fine but I mean my goodness a point eight point six point five this is absurd. One drink it our street wondering can articulate woman fights. But it may pose a part of the couple -- command I'm not talking 67 -- but you have to be years. It's about a couple of hours -- two Beers in you know. Daniel Bard trying to try to get a -- get drafted that are sixteen -- the Pulitzer Prize. The part of the culture. -- can't stop the debt but I'd like you know the point of view here that I think this is -- great place very government be intruding into -- frequently get the thing that I think at this Democrat Hillary gets secretary that's the big government when guys. Thanks Larry appreciate it. Bob I appreciate your her compliments in the beginning and it's it's always nice to hear her premiere and thank you very much for the call. You know one of the things. That IA. And comfortable with -- in talk radio is when people are willing to challenge. Uh oh the rules the regulations. I and our our topic and in a different way. And you could see Bob had had a foundation there. He he was. I'm trying to find the right word did. And there's three of on the come to mine I can't you see either one of them right now. But. It is beliefs. Were solid any makes a good point in the sense. And let's be honest John buffalo and and Erie county in the Western New York region. Has been known for having a higher alcohol consumption and many other parts of the country. I don't know why that is it might be our football team but I can't guarantee the -- Maybe if they started winning more it it might go down. But I I think he he brings up some points and concerns that that I think people do have in our country about freedoms -- and writes. But I also think that you this morning have been trying to. Emphasized the responsibility. Aspect. And yes yes yes you have a government job. As does the president of the United States who was spending sixteen days in Hawaii I don't know if you've ever spent sixteen days in Hawaii. I have. And I don't have a government job and it was a lot of fun and I had a Pina colada. Okay is can guys drink Pina colada is is it is that OK now it's not Chris is yes it sounds as though it's I'm in trouble here. But -- because we don't have a whole lot of time I wanna wait till we come back from news and and let you respond with with some -- concerns here to it to Bob. And if you'd like to share your thoughts and comments. You're welcome to do so as well here on the sandy beach it would Larry hunter 8030930. Is our numbers are 930 is a free calling yourself. If you're outside the local calling area it's 180616. 9236. That the word I was trying to think of what obstacles passion. -- that that's the word I was looking for Bob I appreciate your call and happy new year to you.

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