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12-31 Larry Hunter Show Hour 3

Dec 31, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- away easily everytime its rating of 930 W -- and welcome back thanks for sharing part of your New Year's Eve -- the final day of 2013. With. As we get ready to raise the minimum wage change -- light bulbs and pay taxes on obamacare. A lot to look forward to it when he fourteen he said sarcastically this morning Larry hunter for sandy beach in studio is John Sullivan John as the director. Of the Erie county stopped DW -- office and I just found out. John -- you don't have a secretary yet. In no I was wondering. -- can hear the laughter in our office -- -- secretary's hand and three figure or six figure salaries. But listen it's all about could radio army has been very passionate about what he thinks and not. One thing I'd like to point out about the the money granderson is a common myth about this. For the government. And certainly wouldn't want anybody to think when I'm presenting today is a threat I'm simply telling you that the typical outcome on the consequences that come with with a DW I. The 101000 dollars. Cost of a typical DW I only about 17% of that about 17100 dollars of that. Goes to a government agencies to DMZ the fine in the courts the rest of that are paid to private sector businesses that do. Representation for legal representation. Insurance companies and ensure that vehicles of of the drivers afterwards. And private companies that do ignition in Iraq. To provide that service for drivers. -- grateful you're welcome to join us if you have a question or comment at 8030930. -- 930 as a free call on your cell. If you've had a DW I experience and you would like to share -- this. But you don't want username you can just use initials -- we're not here to embarrass or judge you. We're here to help educate you this morning and answer questions about the problems. That there we have our society with -- driving under the influence and I think we had a great discussion. So far this morning and we encourage you to join us as well let's welcome him to the program she's in Amherst good morning and. Take good morning thank you very much for the topic being covered. Yet until the definition abolished driving. Well I was driving it -- slang term probably means intoxicated. In the let's be clear our ability to drive. Diminishes beginning with the first drink known saying that you can't drive after one drink. But. It begins to diminish at that point and gets a worse as the time goes on. So buzzed. Might be a way of just expressing intoxication for a particular group. And where have you heard the words. And they -- on TV it was for all of us here at 101000 dollar adult bird Kevin Campo striving. Well I would curiously knowledge. Analytically speaking if they took however you measure they -- you know broken light or whatever. But as -- driving register differently than that you really had a few drinks. No but buzzed driving is -- not a legal term it's sort of colloquial term used to describe. At some level of intoxication. -- -- sheet and it's quite different than I thought should I thank you very much enjoying the program. Happy thank you and happy to -- Q. 8030930. Is our number if you'd like to ask the question of jobs or or share. Some of the experiences you may have incurred with the driving if you've had a friend or family member. Who may be has been ticketed and gone through the process in the court process of DW I. You can share that with us this morning right here -- radio 930 WBE and John I would like to speak a little bit about the at checkpoints that sometimes are set up. By various communities through -- our state how does how is that determine where it's going to be and and how is it done. I've heard drivers say sometimes GI had it. Get to work and I got and a twenty minutes late they had at checkpoints and it caused me to it to be -- and stuff and you know they they were frustrated about that they didn't understand the process so could you share that what is sure. In Erie county's been using sobriety checkpoints since 1992. Literally hundreds of thousands of drivers have gone through them on here. There's -- a method for doing it there's some on legal restrictions that have to be followed. To make sure that it's constitutional. And that that the the inspections. Aren't overburdened. -- over burdening the drivers. And delay them too much. So when there is a process that if you know at the end. Sobriety checkpoint and traffic. Becomes too. Too long on the way the site commander can simply open the checkpoint -- the cars through to make sure that. There's there's a good flow traffic. Now if someone is believed to be under the influence of alcohol. And it would be inappropriate to let them drive at a checkpoint what would an officer have to do. Typically what happens it's a two step process. That that we use here in -- Every cars inspected isn't this a brief interview by the by the officer -- spells alcohol -- he observes a person appears to be intoxicated. They're directed to the site for further inspection. At that point there asked to perform a sobriety. Tests and either walk in turn test or other physical challenges and then there's a screening test that they provide them breath sample at that point. And and and after the gathering that information officer makes a decision whether to make an arrest or not. Just last week we had that a checkpoint a couple of weeks ago. Nearly a thousand cars went through. The 12020. Vehicles were. On directed for further inspection one person was arrested the other twenty were below the limit and -- to two lead through the checkpoint. Is there. -- -- The number of checkpoints. That you try to achieve throughout the year. Or. I'm I'm sure in the winter weather plays a factor on unaware and and when it can be done. But is this done somewhat on a regular basis or does it depend on the various communities if they want to do it say. Cheektowaga compared to a north tunnel Wanda or. Just should talk county in itself who who determines. That you're going to have a. A checkpoint. Right well make it in begins -- our office her a rose to coordinate between where a civilian. Administrative office. -- but what we do is we go out to the various police agencies together resources. Enough officers to staff a sobriety checkpoints safely. And the idea location is determined first of all for safety both for homeowners stand for the for the officers. Secondly enough traffic flow to make it worthwhile. And then we go out and and set that up it does go on nine during the wintertime the yeah. The check points are shorter. Because it's hard to stand out there for 34 hours in the cold but. The officers do it and it's a regular part of enforcement in your county. Do they do it on the New York State thruway at all the you know it has been done but not on the throwing itself -- off ramps. After the tall -- the president's speed is slow and it's a safe place to do it. Okay -- -- tell you what we're gonna take a little earlier break them than normal because when I come back I wanna be able to give our callers the opportunity to have time to. Discuss them and say what they would like to say so Chris we'll we'll take a little earlier break here for. The upcoming AccuWeather forecast and some commercials and then we'll come back. On the sandy beach show would Larry hotter on New Year's Eve 2013. The National Weather Service as we have a lake snow warning sports talk well and kept -- counties it'll remain in effect until 1 o'clock tomorrow morning. And we also -- snow advisory for Erie Genesee. And Wyoming counties as well AccuWeather. Says we're still going to get some snow. Could get up to six inches. In parts of the southern tier with a high today in the low twenties tonight still some lake effect snow squalls continuing. Down to about fourteen tomorrow twenty degrees for a high Thursday thirteen for a high. And Friday. You don't wanna know what the high is going to be because the high is going below thick thick thick it is now he's at 22 Chris. 2343. Degrees from news radio 930. WV EMI in studio guest is John Sullivan the director of the Erie county stop WT stop DW lie office. Between the DWY and WBE and and and John -- I had not -- yet it hits we we could put together a skit for Saturday Night Live here and it really might be funny but unfortunately. This is not funny it is a serious topic we're talking about DW I and we appreciate your calls at 8030930. And start -- thirty. And we have a full Lincoln callers and so let's get right to them and we'll start with -- I think it is it down with a who's been waiting in the longest yet let's go to Donna west Seneca and good morning down. Good morning. This is -- regards to -- well policy that they had like three years ago. You look at it goes through counseling and you know do all. Every you know movies and all that and I always just about ready to get my license there. Bad and all of a sudden. They. We're told everybody under the old program didn't -- this new one that into effect now. And they've got a class action suit against the state because of you -- name. And I was wondering no I didn't hear anything about this. I think with the colors -- for erring too is the the 25 -- look back. There. There were as people that we're going through. The drinking driver program post. Conviction for DW I. We're told that they would be able to -- to receive their license at the end completing the class. In the meantime. The New York State look legislature passed a law. And it was signed. I'm creating -- a new class of regulations by -- -- DMV commissioner. To do it 25 year look back and if anybody had more than more than one DW -- their lifetime. Or they have a number of points on their license over 25 years. They were they had to serve out the entire suspension of their license and would not get it back early as a result of attending the class. So there was a period of time. For people going through those classes where that did happen to them and if you were one of those people that that might explain. Yes well number one do you think that's fair. -- them all under the new program. Mr. -- you know trying to complete -- You know throughout goal that they wanted -- to and then all of a sudden dip and at the end of their program. They were oriented and don't want. Right I'm -- -- I agree with you that it seems to me to be a little unfair. But the end the statutes come online now when they do. And the the laws are applied is as they come as a because -- take effect and so it is rather unfair sometimes for people getting involved in the system yesterday down we had talked briefly about. The mid eighties when the drinking age limit the minimum. Drinking age limit went. Up in New York State and it went from eighteen to nineteen and then 1921. So. People who were eighteen when I was eighteen could drink and then they turn nineteen and it was nineteen and they could drink. And then they turn twenty but the law was 21 and and they couldn't drink so this is similar to that inning in a way the law is one thing. -- when -- really because you know I'd driver's license. You've got to get around the net -- Different parts of the area and you work and another target it's kinda tired. Yeah and that's why Don we're we're doing this show today because and I want to make people aware. That there are consequences. That driving is not a right it's a privilege it's license. Okay and I know there yeah. And therefore you know you need to consider if you're going to it to drink whether being New Year's Eve or party or wedding or whatever. The possible consequences if if it's exceeded under law thanks for -- called -- week we appreciate it. That John one of the things that I have seen over the years the last maybe five to ten years. He is the number of our young adults. Those who are able to drink is 212223. Girls who want to go out. At and party and and have some drinks. And it may feel that you know I I might drink a little bit too much. And they're having their parents drive them take them out to us a chippewa street or or. Maybe and festivities at downtown or whatever. And then calling them afterwards and having them -- picked up and I USA kudos to that the parents who have children who feel that that's the responsible way to go today. Sure I mean and parents should says stick together. But their kids and kids vice Versa for the parents -- lots of alternatives. -- driving after drinking. -- -- terrific service here in buffalo designated drivers about the it's a unique service -- both the both you and your vehicle home the same time. -- can't service from downtown to just about anywhere near accounting. And they're really affordable compared to to some places let's go to -- Out of buffalo thanks for calling WB and John. I -- mention. Probably about heat of the how are people being stopped and -- without. Any reasonable suspicion or probable causes them doing any you know committing any crime and they -- driving in the privilege I was. The united driving for calmer because I have the rights it's throughout. Yet so I can tell on my part of -- advice of their -- I think -- I ordered drive our business that the privilege. And I understand. Privilege or the right partners in much -- that he is. We're driving rain is something that you are license you you don't have a right to drive you have to prove that you are qualified to do so. -- a legal right to travel the united it's my own property -- my rights like freedom be sure anything like that. Her first of all the highways are not your property. The -- are owned by the various municipalities whether the town city county state or federal jurisdiction. -- -- public property. And I -- real loud and I have -- right to travel on public property the public. Well I'm unfamiliar with the the philosophical argument here. On this gone all the way to the Supreme Court to determine whether and DW I checkpoints are are legally allowable. And they are provided that. Here's the system far and inspecting vehicles that the officers don't have discretion on who they inspect its either every car every other car. And they the visits with the court weighed the legitimate. Concerns for safety and -- what's supposed to be a a minor inconvenience to the driver I'm going for a check out. Out of there and no one of the war must stop its voluntary. Heidi get -- to confront the third. Not probable reasonable suspicion of committing a crime. But at least get to go through the checkpoint and if you don't want to consent to the search well let's see what happens. There are opt out that there are quite that where it is. There really been given what has kept our daughter turn around about the book yeah. Sign within a certain amount of feet. A hundred feet or so little out of the that there are quite yet on the option to decide to go -- -- crowd -- My understanding is that's not part of the out of the Supreme Court decision that it does not have to -- Thank you John for your time this morning on WB analysts think we can squeeze another caller got -- Steve down and a beautiful East Aurora hello Steve. I do a real quick question about three weeks ago on the 404. O'clock in the afternoon on a Saturday or Sunday. I saw where I suspect it was going to be at -- a checkpoint being developed. All -- own them and sign it should. You know but it's a lot of stuff. And what it was being there with the with that was built. People doing it calling him putting this up. Wearing green to change the denim shirts and jackets it's emergency police surveyed just ordered emergency they were carrying sidearms. But they work and actually the people that did do the that the the you light up with actually being -- minister later that evening and I -- my question is has the state. Provided by municipality -- and different counties. With this rule being. Were so crude that's sort of East Coast -- it's it's it's. He would be everywhere blunders were talking about that the predicted there I really see what I Chrysler which is the third party setting up all the -- Right and -- there was at that checkpoint. To be the the method that we use and the reason my we use it's an emergency service is -- there are they're and trained in traffic control and. I was sort of perspective that it's an effort going on these guys sort of just roll around as needed into the -- -- situations. No we have we actually asked them to comments at the checkpoint up and to do and in a proper way there's there's a parent amounted to a. If you -- -- an -- it was. You're right there will be debates and -- very safe environment. -- -- -- the -- through without putting it from a firehouse so that's. What we got to fire whistle blew everyone thought it didn't know what to do say thank you. -- Steve thanks for your call this morning on WB and if you'd like to ask John a question or -- tell us about eight DW I experience. Either yourself or maybe a friend or family member. 8030930. Is our numbers are 930 is a free calling yourself. And if you're outside the local culinary it's 180616. 9236. -- in studio guest John Sullivan director of Erie county stopped DWI office. Larry -- they're sitting in for sandy beach today on New Year's Eve 2013 if you're going out tonight and going to drink. We just ask that you do it responsibly we'll be back. Welcome back it's a sandy -- show would Larry hunter on this New Year's Eve Tony thirteen my in studio guest is John Sullivan the director of the Erie county's stop DW line office. And we welcome your calls at 8030930. -- 930 recall -- yourself as we discussed the concerns. DW lie and encouraging news to have a good time tonight go out party be -- friends. And drink responsibly. If you're going to spend the night at a hotel after drinking that's great if you think you might be drinking a little too much. See if you can find someone who was willing to take you to pick you up or maybe you have a a designated driver I have been a designated driver a number of times and I don't mind doing it because I I tell my friends and my -- -- as I can be obnoxious to at least over. I I don't have to have a drink I can be just a complete clown or or a fool. Just that's and it never mind let's go to dawn Holland hi Don how you do it. How am okay -- deal. Good morning how age I was calling with a question please -- and -- I unfortunately tackler and very very very difficult. Challenged -- fuel and have. All action and articulate excuse -- I lost my life and I had links to get the life after that accident I popular tired way of actually being incarcerated at the weekend. Going to jail -- so have. Life sentence. Going through it clear he and agree without ever heard somebody to -- great break actually. I disagree quite the right place for -- the opium peace for a month probationary and -- probation officer recommended that I apply. I've done all over. I garment Helio I would just deny aid byte optical DNC. -- little -- re application. My question is cute -- Abu -- -- national or why I should tool. To -- a high. Quarter appeal -- optical deflation which I understand I have the right to do. I -- numerous extraordinary circumstances. Including a mother it would appear alzheimer's. And I don't know what to do at this point. Got beat by dawn before we have John answer that if I could just go back a little bit and he could help us out with some information here. When you were you first ticketed for DW I at what age. -- -- In my late thirty he's. Okay do you feel that you. Had somewhat out of -- drinking problem or you over partied up until that point in your life. I'd would you pick itself Medicaid actually when life it was too difficult to order issues. Psychological challenges that we -- not being -- live I was self medicate with alcohol. Since then I've come full circle. I'm -- you can move that extra impact. At all armed faction that is territory now. Who senators I was so moved by the that I actually want to be on at -- at all -- -- to other people they get it going down in the they act out that I have it's my intention to all other people through the port official I need. At what point. Did you reach. Your thought process that you now have. Here's since we aired keen. Discovering my parents they passed away an unrelated. Scenario. I was -- -- all of them. Looking everything. Was correct action to hire hired. Order lose slope and I called losing my eight. Looting everything really everything. And how many times. Wrapped it well how many times. Had you been ticketed for her under the influence. -- -- Four times OK I'm I'm -- elected John speak now but I kind of wanted to you know a little background on and I appreciate your honesty I know what's probably difficult for you. And I'm sure your honesty is helping someone today John. -- I think you're you're more of those people that fall into the the process that was established last year -- that -- DMV was looking back over the driving records. Of people that either have another violation war. Are re applying for a license. And you know unfortunately there they're being more strict about it returning licenses. The I think -- previous caller was describing the class action. Lawsuit. -- challenging that regulation down to the theory that people have already paid their dues and you know it's unfair to go back and look at what can done in the past. And apply sanctions now. After the fact so certainly go through the the -- -- appeal process with DMV. Trying get to records and I think one recommendation I would make is that if you had counseling over the years. And you did have to complete that counseling. If you can get a statement from not your counselor. To the effective. The progress you've made. More frightened that I am able Shell's request. Consider the application I get a letter from challenged. -- a letter from probation officer. But like how were on the I think buddy of supporting and I understand. Why you know IA MI you know I you risk category. I do understand. -- I he has turned my life around in effect mentioned previously I do want to help other people. He -- I don't know how to get through that if you will that -- keep up this system and not just be you know. Corralled into the hybrid category without really understanding. On -- changes that I made that Allen apparently you know it's not completed by the court. But there it was all Allen Carrey. Every cap that I went through which our Kerry of course -- was question their point but I. I hate surrendered to -- did that willingly and gratefully he's been here. For all those people out there there are considering drinking. This weekend or -- I served for a month so -- and incarceration. And I'm most middle class average skirt -- an end to end I accepted gratefully as well it -- -- anxious really hope and pray that others can break your best at all. It is so now we're not being. I don't care went from these problems tire issue Eric tell you haven't read -- That just without even thinking of how hard -- light whereas they trust the sites like just one larger. And none of them why they're called wrong accused misguided. Ways that the Al -- excellent ourselves girls myself you know not kind of scenario. Really it's Eleanor words. -- -- You're here honesty is a heartfelt this morning and we appreciate your time and I wish you the best Ken can she get an attorney would would an attorney be able to help her at all in this process done. I don't believe it's a legal process it and it's one thing if people can understand is that there's there's two systems that work -- the DMV system which is administrative and in this criminal system which deals with the end of the criminal charges DW I. I'm from. Right now -- is going through the the DMV administrative system and it's not a criminal system and I I don't think there's. Rule for a lawyer in that. Although I don't know -- this is a brand new system it's only been operation for a few months. You know courage to go through the appeals process since you know further it goes. And then at that point perhaps you might consider -- dawn thank you so much for your time out we have a happy new year. Don't you want -- it -- really mental part. Here I don't hero thank you I'd like. Larry hunter for sandy beach today on WV and a quick break and we'll come back -- more of your calls. And I scrapers could be a person to -- The National Weather Service as we've got a lake snow warning fortune talk when cataracts counties until 1 o'clock tomorrow morning. We also have a lake snow advisory for -- Genesee & Wyoming counties AccuWeather says. It's winter -- and it's going to get cold. Lake effect snow showers could be a three inches or more. In the southern tier today with a high in the low twenties. Tonight a few more flurries and squalls expected in the southern tier otherwise a low of about fourteen tomorrow a high of twenty. Thursday a high of thirteen and Friday. I've been holding it back. Friday the high will be in the single digits and that's all -- -- -- -- -- -- bundle -- and -- -- got -- -- -- -- Britons are or sacks for Christmas guess what. You gotta use of this week. It is now 21 degrees in buffalo from news radio 930 WBE and Larry hotter here the final hour of the sandy beach show for 2013. My in studio guest John Sullivan the director of Erie county stop DWI office as we've been talking about the the problem of alcohol consumption. And driving. Not it just in in general but. Throughout the year and of course this being New Year's Eve we are asking you to. Drink responsibly so you can enjoy the upcoming year Mike is in Lewiston he's also on WBM hi Mike. I don't there is doing fine thank you. Very you know there are -- couple -- crop -- questions about. Sort of -- assault on probably. Other penalties pick up -- sole -- texting. Readers -- don't realize because they're much better is that what are some owners are kind of form. Or -- -- -- -- for our -- -- -- report. It's just saying -- does that mean to me. -- -- -- Government start making some money and they do make a lot of money they're making money I'm all parenthood. Licensing our licensing partisan and taxing alcohol. And and also the fees and if there I believe it clearly wanted to stop the other guy you can do it. Combo or getting the same result. Were not more not affording better. We're not stopping -- we are we're just making Smart. Well. Progress has been made in reducing the number of they can't fatal injuries. In and drink driving crashes. But in terms of the cellphone use it. One of the differences is that senator you know -- and you cellphone as the violations not criminal offense. On the finds it recently increased I think 250 dollars. For a ticket for that. So it certainly is a danger you're right about that and it's all kinds of ways to distract ourselves from. From being safe driver drinking is one of them but there are other ways. The fees for the awkward encrypted. And start locking people up and -- or memorial for the front straight victory here. And make it mandatory. No plea bargain is -- and I think they're gonna stop that well it would I probably if I can. I interject here because. No matter. What rules regulations or laws we have on the book. It's still hard to stop some people from doing what they're going to do if you rob a bank you know you're probably on camera. And chances are you are going to get caught because somebody's going to recognize -- yet people still do it. What what I think that is the laws are trying to do here is encouraged people to be responsible adults. Whether it be texting weather be driving and drinking or whether it be crossing the road illegally. -- Jay walking or whatever and as a society. I think we need to continue to encourage people to act responsibly. But we. Not everybody is going to be responsible and there has to be penalties. Yeah I agree what I think that there are you can't drink and drive lawyer in jail. That it's a good way to stop that. That's a good point Mike -- we got to run we don't have a lot of time left I apologize but I appreciate you taking the time to call today at W the end. John wanna thank you for being with -- I'd like you just to remind people one more time before we and they showed today about the the Big Three -- The Big Three -- in terms of and monitoring their consumption has the the type of drink we're drinking. The the number of drinks and the speed at which we consume them so if you can't tell how much alcohol you can -- haven't made that turn to -- haven't measured. The Dequan any of of alcohol you've drunk. There's no way if you -- -- and you're running a risk should leave the driving to somebody else and of course if you are out to say at a bar. And you order a mixed drink you can always say to the bartender would you just please make sure it's just this amount I don't want more in my during. You certainly could do that it's not a common practice but it would be one way to be able to make sure that you can measure. John Sullivan director of Erie county stop DW I thanks for taking your time today uneasy come in and -- this year. Your information and and foresight with this concern. Happy new year to you -- -- has been fun -- drive carefully can -- -- that it. And -- to all of you today who helped us make this up I think a very educational and informative show thanks so much for your honesty about. Any of concerns -- and problems you've had with the DW I over the years. On behalf of all of us here WV and thank you so much for your time and listeners ship -- Chris Johnson. John thank you guys so much Tyler and Joseph beamer whose been -- Hope over the years it's always an enjoyable time when I get to sit down and and share a conversation with you the WB and listener I've been doing it now for a thirteen years here. And I hope but it continues. And we talked to you in 2014. To drive carefully. Give someone you love -- and it is tonight thank you for the calls thank you for the with leadership. Larry -- wishing you a very happy new year.

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