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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Minimum Wage Discussion - Mike Lomas; Pt II

Minimum Wage Discussion - Mike Lomas; Pt II

Jun 18, 2014|

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    Another game blacked out tonight for local Buffalo Bills fans. As the final pre season game did not sell out congressman Brian Higgins has been lobbying hard to end the blackouts is on the WB my congressman good morning. Are we gonna have to endure another season of this. Well hopefully. The single handedly equal recognize that the black oval it's unfair to fans support. I directly aimed directly to the tax dollars. That he mentally and by extension. When you know we talk to a couple of weeks ago with one of the FCC commissioners sheet to. Agree that the blackouts should end now with that said congressman. When do you think the FCC is going to take a vote on this. I think it will be your vote this September. nothing to eliminate the black couple then went into public comment period. And commissioner outcry came to buffalo to announce that he would support. An elimination of the FCC rule that requires cable companies to abide by the week's black out policy. That you can remind yourself like a policies mr. professional sport. You know all the teams can that be televised to the fast velocity two hours before the start thinking. So we you know we think it's a forty year old rule and all of the public comment has been taking there's no evidence to support. You know any financial loss on the part of civil war the certificates The question. When that they have and I think they've the FCC elimination of school. Will be a major step toward. And he missed like a policy altogether. cool does benefit from the blackout or initially when it when it. Went into place forty years ago who benefited. I guess the teams did because the teams with the writing most of their revenue from ticket that the longer the case now with television talent in advertising. They think these principles of marketing here reached frequencies so. You know why would lead one fans by not having. By blocking access attitude team because that's a big part. I'm building a loyal fan base success possible deals and making sure absolutely definitely has done. So I just think you know at the wanna be told what to do but when you consider the 75%. 75%. In the stadium improvements throughout the confined to protect our it seems to me that fans are being harmed by these antiquated policy. Had the Federal Communications Commission recognizes that and and believe in that it recognizes as well. You know on the issue of fans being harmed by this policy in the past two really be driven home here in buffalo congressman don't you think because. We are considered a small national football League City. And we have a stadium that's much bigger in capacity than other a big cities around the country and trying to. A sellout of pre season game is not that easy around here. That's director of the league average if for general feeling is that 67 dollars and Ralph Wilson Stadium currently. 73000. The 6000 more. Purging to a point black out. And but let you know as you know the figure this team's performance ahead to carry very loyal fan base. Can't and they also support. So the team through their tax dollars but forty adding to the economic depression or changing economics the NFL has changed. And then I get surprised with the NFL and for their own self interest. Has been limited to black out war altogether because when you really. You know do a thorough review update. There's no evidence to support the black don't rule is beneficial and there's clear evidence that is harmful analyst opinions but that is the team's bottom line so again I think it's the team whether it's legal ground at this. Sooner rather than later but I think this SEC rule elimination could be very very important in this and objectives. If the FCC does vote in September to end the black would it be immediate or is there another layer of votes that need. Need I need is somewhere else. The gonna have to come around this would this would remove the federal government's role in requiring cable companies to abide by black hole. So it wouldn't be eliminated altogether but we think it's a major major piece that one's that temple was eliminated this leak will be forced to. I'll look at you look at this old antiquated rule which goes back 1970. Tree actually. Congressman we're glad you could join us thanks for the update. Congressman Brian Higgins.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We've been having a debate all morning about but possible hike in the state minimum wage here. -- constitute state lawmakers in -- in studio guest this morning is Mike -- president of financial guys LLC. Like from a business perspective. What can we expect if the minimum wage is increased. Well I think he did I mean two things are gonna happen either it's going to be in that neutral which means prices rise and the standard of living does not you know it's is gonna be the same old same old yes things are more expensive there earning a little more money. Or you start to see people get laid off to fit into a business model you know the fact of the matter is when it comes free market capitalism is not perfect but it's the best thing out there and and it's been proven time and time again to work in free market capitalism. Is a great way to set wages and when I was a kid a lot of my buddies in high school worked for mighty taco -- tackle free plug here. Minimum wage at that point -- I I have a lot of gray hair. This -- a while ago. But it was about 325315. -- I remember mighty taco paying six to seven dollars and I'll six to seven bucks an -- almost double at the time. And my body's who has said he's got to work that like could get a job there because they had already applied and and mighty tigers to edit the -- but they have plenty of good workers and they were willing to paid that the fact of the matter is the -- the bad business models. They don't have the extra money right now to pay an extra dollar two or three in our. The good business models do that anyways and it it must've worked to me mighty taco is. I am a big fan I go there a few times a week for lunch. But. They're expanding now in the Rochester and so you don't need to tell mighty tackle the pay people they did it themselves they think got to take it we wanna pay a little extra to keep good people. On my father my father worked for Abbott Laboratories for years. On got in the Abbott Laboratories its features a story and remember as a kid in sharing the story with me all the time as he suggested it to every you have to do to get into a good place or -- -- -- To put yourself and in them and good situation. My dad at the time in India Abbott Laboratories sweeping floors for basically minimum wage base I knew I had to get in there -- that was my second job. Had to get in -- well sure enough. You know he was a good employee once he got in the doors foot in the door he learned how to do other things and habits and -- school and for training and he was able to quit his other job. And me and grow and Abbott Laboratories make a very good living support our family. You know put us for cause all that good stuff. And I think gosh if at that time we increased minimum wage and Abbott was forced to hire one person as opposed to. Maybe that one person wouldn't have been my debt so that. And you know when you start to think about that league minimum wage is not meant to be a permanent lifetime does is that he'll get into -- say gosh I hope on here in the next twenty years earning minimum wage and an if you if you do Evelyn you're quite frankly deserve it. That was that was the argument as to ask you about the idea that it's not meant to be. A livable wage and I'll say we've got to raise it to it's not livable you would say well no because it's not meant to be on it's meant to get in the door it's meant for. Like I said in his the a few minutes ago. It's meant for that college person in high school person it's meant to get in the -- meant for elderly people who are on Social Security -- -- -- little pension wanna do something in their spare time has some flexible hours it's meant as a starting point you don't need to -- is what to do if that's the case let's let's -- that the 75 bucks an -- let's -- -- poverty right now -- -- the 75 bucks an -- and get it all right. And then -- but is -- -- -- and the buddy these same people -- that's crazy use out of that box or cable what's the what's the number what about. The state legislature the possibility -- Ryan the assemblyman told assists this morning that the thinking about allowing different geographic area of the state to raise their own minimum -- how it what is -- deal. But I but I don't know who gets to set this right I mean who gets to decide okay well. New York City gets this and and buffalo gets this I mean are they that's Smart I don't think so. You know of the fact of the matter is most of these people proposing an increase in minimum wage. Most of them and I would be willing to bet 95 plus percent have never run a business in their life they have no clue to balance it looks like. They have no clue what cost of goods and costs the labor and how that model works of free market capitalism works I can tell it. And our assistant financial guys started out making just slightly over minimum wage. I assure you she does not make a slightly over minimum wage like as we're dependent we need her I want her to earn a good salary. I don't want her to go anywhere we need. Here's an argument from the regional council -- state they say. It could work there willing to look at it because it would put more money into the economy workers more money in their pocket therefore they would start spending more but they also lets say. Is long as you look at other costs we'd be able to tolerate this. If you gave us some relief elsewhere do you buy that no I don't buy that because it doesn't put more money in the economy mean there's no magic fairy tree in the dusty you know in the in the. That's the thing there's no such thing as a free law -- the same thing with tax policy well oldest increase in taxes and bring in more money no you want to steal it from one place. And re distributed to someone else and that's ultimately what this is trying to do its thing look at your small business owner. A year mediums that you're a large view your business we're gonna take more of your money. And re distributed the other thing here and the big catches in -- what. Is it -- a lot of these politicians also outs only a blocker to an -- no no big deal right. No it's not to me if you're small business owner you have to pay for Social Security Medicare. All this other stuff and in unemployment disability workers' -- it's not just a blocker to an hour it's all that stuff that gets thrown on top of that as well which they're not factoring in in any of their arguments are at great discussion Mike thanks for coming in you know thanks for having me Mike -- president of financial guys LLC.

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